The House Flight: Week of 4/1 to 4/7/2013

In case you weren’t paying attention…

T-Minus one day to the Padres 2013 Home Opener.

Always enjoy responsibly. Don’t read and drive.


Time for the Opening Act

Getting Andy Masur to write something for Padres Public to open the regular season is the equivalent of having the real Spiderman show up at your 5th birthday party. What I’m saying is it’s good.

Yes, You Should Care

Vocal Minority makes a case for rooting for the youngsters in the Padres organization.

Could Have Been Worse

Yes, Edinson Volquez sh*t the bed in New York. But Padres Trail shows you how, in the past, it’s been much worse.

2013 Spring Training Diary, Pt.2

Part Two of Woe, Doctor’s spring adventures. Read Part One here.

When It Was Better

Padres Trail’s second part of the Padres Opening Day pitching performances.

The Warning Path: A Cautionary Tale About Bobby Bonilla


Box Score the Strip: Thanks Joe Sheehan!

Guest writer Ernie Martinez from XTRA Sports 1360

Look ma, I’m a bobblehead!

Actual size shown. SDPads1 is a tiny man.

Forbes Team Evaluations Release, I Don’t Know Who To Believe

Mel is a big believer in belief.

IT IS NOT A HASSLE!!! – From Time Warner to AT&T, Part 2

Avenging Jack Murphy finally told Time Warner to take a long walk off of a short pier. You can read Part 1 here.

Padres Starting Off On the Wrong Foot

I manage to piss off seemingly half of the readers with just one sentence…again.

Sacrificing the No. 2 Hitter

No, Huitzilopochtli (Nick Canepa) is not doing a guest post. Son of a Duck hates sacrifice bunts from the 2 hole in the lineup.

If Opening Day Falls In The Woods…

You get an Opening Day! And YOU get an Opening Day! EVERYBODY GETS AN OPENING DAY! (If Oprah was MLB commissioner) 


House Flight

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