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The Bar: What Would You Do For a World Series Win?

Head-shaving, Hacksaw listening and no beer drinking? Oh, my!

Waiting On Pyznarski

This how good this one is:  I don’t even remember Tim Pyznarski.

Ballpark History: GameDay Lineup Handouts


Making sense of the Padres’ off-season

Glad someone made sense of it…

The Bar: Reaction to Bill Center article on Padres finances

Some of us managed to get to Level 5 of Larry Miller’s 5 Levels of Drinking.

Moronic Oddities of the Mystifying Kind: Strange Padres Injuries

Believe it…or not!

The Magical 2003 Promotional Schedule

The last year any of us can remember the Padres had an entire season of decent giveaways and promotions.

The Padres Are Blowing It: A nod to history, please!

Avenging Jack Murphy wants to see some acknowledgement of Padres history from the promotions department…

The Padres Are Blowing It: Great Bobblehead Ideas from the Great Beyond

…so I give them some ideas, free of charge.

Five Glorious Innings

Son of a Duck saw a grand total of 5 innings of Padres baseball on Fox Sports San Diego last season. And it was glorious.

Greatest Baseball Movie

Left Coast Bias is trying to determine the greatest baseball movie of all time, and he’s doing it March Madness style.

Padres Public Plans a Takeover of Fox Sports San Diego

Make sure you’re watching on Wednesday, March 13th. It’s either going to be awesome beyond words, or we’re never going to be allowed into the Peoria Sports Complex again.

Sez Bill (03/08): HUGE SCANDAL? Edition

Special guest cameo from —RECORD SCRATCH—  Marver.

Long-Suffering Friar Fan? Hardly…

You think you’re a “long-suffering” Padres fan? Lance has some news for you. You’re not.

House Flight

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