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Here at Padres Public, we’re all about beer. And the Padres. But mostly beer. When we’re not talking about the Padres, that is.

Always enjoy responsibly. Don’t read and drive

We Need To Talk About Padres

Nate of The Vocal Minority wants to have a serious conversation of where this relationship is heading.

Last Call: “The Bar” on the Change The Padres film

The longest post in our early history. It’s going to take you a while to digest, but almost all of us put our two cents in.

The SD SABR Garage Sale

The Ted Williams San Diego Chapter of SABR had a garage sale and Padres Trail wanted you to know about it beforehand. Hopefully, you showed up. I know I did.

Nick Canepa, god of war and human sacrifice, demands blood debt from Yasmani Grandal

Something tells me that Nick Canepa is going to be a somewhat regular topic for Avenging Jack Murphy.

Is Right Field A Black Hole?

Chill Venorfia. Venorable. Venarfia. Whatever.

The Padres’ Cashner Quandary

What will the Padres do with Andrew Cashner? He already cut himself…

FSSD to Televise Inaugural Games at Fowler Park and Cunningham Field

Except on Time Warner. And DirecTV, apparently. But it’s a lovely looking collegiate ballpark.

What the Padres’ offseason says about 2013

Mel from The Sacrifice Bunt analyzes the Padres off-season and what it means for this upcoming season.

Fox Sports San Diego’s New On-Air Team Members

Bottom line: All three are multi-talented and well-qualified. Oh, and I suppose they’re attractive, too. And I’m looking forward to watching Fox Sports San Diego this season. And none of them have met Luigi yet.

Beer Summit: Cynics and Optimists

Ray from The Sacrifice Bunt and Left Coast Bias get into a drunken brawl. Well, not so much a brawl. And we’re not sure how much either one had to drink.

Punk Rock Paint’s Old Hoss 100 Set

SDPads1 from .400 in 94 got his grubby little hands on a set of these. I’m jealous.

Beer Comps: Will Venable and Chris Denorfia

Another couple of likely regular topics for Avenging Jack Murphy: Will Venable and beer.

Hello, Seattle!

The Vedder Cup is in the Urban Dictionary? Mind. Blown. If nothing else, Beautown should be proud of finding that fact out.

Hey there, you sexy thing…

A Valentine’s Day ode to the Padres. Turn your sarcasm detectors on full when you read my responses.

Thank Goodness for the 2005 Draft

Son of a Duck looks back at the Padres’ 2005 draft.

The All-Least Likable Team

One word: Jack Clark

Substitute Sez Bill (02/15)

Ray from The Sacrifice Bunt was busy. So, David of The Vocal Minority stepped in to fill the gap.

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