In case you weren’t paying attention…

Always enjoy responsibly. Don’t read and drive.

Breaking Bad

Haikuarrhea: The All Star Break of Sadness Edition (Week 15)

You can’t stop haiku.
Can only hope to contain.

State of the Padres Using Ramones Lyrics

All-Star Game Musings

Austin Hedges, Hashtag Swoon

Everth Cabrera: All-Star Game MVP (Not Really)

Mike Dee: New Padres President and CEO

Not this Mike D.


MLB Productions Giveaway


Padres Re-Creation Night

Oh, he said “re-creation,” not “re-animation.” My bad.

A Trip to the Restroom at AT&T Park

Padres Pennants

Penance of Magdalena

What? I messed up another one? Screw it.

A Missed Opportunity with Ron Fowler

Mel Queen, PCL Padres Star

What’s That? A Scavenger Hunt, You Say?

My First Padres Game

Good Times at Padres and Pints


And, coming soon…

House Flight

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