Thanksgiving, still my favorite holiday of the year.

Also, the time of year where everyone’s “[XX] Reasons For [insert team name] Fans To Be Thankful” pieces come out. And I do mean EVERYONE’S.

Two years ago I wrote about the things I was thankful for as it relates to the Padres. I thought it would be fun to go back and look at how those things worked out then give a new reason to be thankful.

2014:  A.J. Preller drinking the iced coffee that Josh Byrnes left on the table

Boy, howdy! Preller drank that coffee! Matt Kemp, Justin Upton, Wil Myers, and James Shields all ended up as Padres in 2015. Of course, it took pretty much the entirety of the Padres minor leagues to get them. And, of course, it didn’t work. But he tried something. Which is more than Byrnes did. We could have had Byrnes sign a journeyman relief pitcher or Seth Smith and tell us that he was “the Final Piece.” Again.

2017:  Cutting the lines to Mike Dee and letting him drift afloat until he drops beyond the horizon

2014:  Sandoval and Tomás giving Padres fans something to talk about this offseason

We’re still talking about them. “Phew! We should be so glad that they didn’t sign with the Padres!”

2017:  Hunter Renfroe and Manuel Margot giving Padres fans something to look forward to for next season

2014:  Josh Byrnes taking a job with the Dodgers

He’s still there, apparently.

2017: Bud Black taking the Rockies manager job

2014:  Ron Fowler loosening up the purse strings (In theory)

He loosened up the purse strings. Although not in a way a lot of Padres fans expected or even wanted. Preller signed nearly half* of the international free agents this season. The only problem with that is they’re all at least 3-5 years away from even getting a shot at the Majors. That’s banking on a lot of hope.

*I’m being facetious. But, he did sign a lot.

2017:  Peter Seidler (hopefully) taking over the day-to-day operations from Fowler

2014:  Alesmith Brewing Company‘s .394 San Diego Pale Ale

.394 Pale Ale was a relatively new beer two years ago. Now it’s one of Alesmith’s most popular beers. And it’s available pretty much everywhere now.

2017:  No change. Beer me.

2014:  Bud Selig’s retirement

The All-Star Game came and went. Turns out bribery does work. Although, the Bud Selig Hall of Fame Plaza never came to be. They changed their minds and did something different. Very quietly.

2017:  The Rob Manfred Hall of Fame Plaza Staircase

2014:  The monthly stipend from the Padres’ front office for blogging about the team

There are still no Friar Funds. I’m still being facetious. And still a little condescending.

2017:  The Bloggers and their corrupt, bought-off evilness

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