Saturday was the annual Padres FanFest. Originally, I was going to write a recap of my day. But I was so bored there I didn’t even bother taking any notes and only took a couple of photos. I’ll let Ryan sum up the rest of my feelings on the last few FanFests:

Now that we have¬†that (not unexpected) disappointment out of the way, I ended up going to Bub’s at the Ballpark with your good friend and mine, Nathan Zack. The plan was to meet Dave and Laura Perek there, which has become sort of an annual tradition for Nathan whenever he’s in town. I had never met Dave or Laura before, even though we’ve followed each other on Twitter for years, so I was excited to finally get to do that.

Over the course of the two hours we spent at Bub’s, I was introduced to a little game the three of them play amongst themselves where they make predictions about the upcoming season. I was intrigued, to say the least, so I joined them for this year’s edition.

What follows is all of our selections for this¬†game. We don’t know how it’s going to end yet, but I’m pretty sure I nailed every category. I’ve put my selections in bold.

There¬†are no stakes. There is no prize. It’s all for fun.

So, relax, let’s have some fun out here! This game’s fun, OK?

First Blood

The first player on the Padres’ Opening Day 25-man roster to get cut or traded

Ghost – Luis Sardi√Īas
Nathan РHector Sanchez
Laura РLuis Torrens
Dave РJered Weaver

Most Home Runs

Nathan – Wil Myers
Laura – Hunter Renfroe
Dave – Ryan Schimpf
Ghost – Yangervis Solarte

Most RBI

Laura – Myers
Dave – Solarte
Ghost – Renfroe
Nathan – Schimpf

Pitcher Wins

Dave – Luis Perdomo
Ghost – Trevor Cahill
Nathan – Jhoulys Chacin
Laura – Clayton Richard

First On Disabled List

First player on the Opening Day 25-man roster to go on the DL

Ghost – Sardi√Īas
Nathan – Manuel Margot
Laura – Brandon Maurer
Dave – Solarte

Top Batting Average

Min 200 PA

Nathan – Myers
Laura – Renfroe
Dave – Travis Jankowski
Ghost – Austin Hedges

Padres’ All-Star Selection

Laura – Myers
Dave – Brad Hand
Ghost – Renfroe
Nathan – Hedges


We got three picks for this one. I don’t remember why.

Dave – Kris Bryant/Giancarlo Stanton/Gregory Polanco
Ghost – Anthony Rizzo/Noah Syndergaard/Buster Posey
Nathan – Nolan Arenado/Joe Panik/Corey Seager
Laura – Paul Goldschmidt/Bryce Harper/Daniel Murphy

NL Cy Young

Two picks, same reason as NL MVP

Nathan – Clayton Kershaw/Madison Bumgarner
Laura – Max Scherzer/Gerrit Cole
Dave – Carlos Martinez/Jon Lester
Ghost – Syndergaard/Kyle Hendricks

Padres Total Wins

Laura – 62
Dave – 60
Ghost – 68
Nathan – 65

First Manager Fired

Dave – Don Mattingly, Miami Marlins
Ghost – Torey Lovullo, Arizona Diamondbacks
Nathan – Brian Snitker, Atlanta Braves
Laura – Mike Scioscia, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

World Series

Matchup and winner

Ghost – Cubs over Astros
Laura – Mariners over Cubs
Nathan – Indians over Giants
Dave – Blue Jays over Mets

Last Padre Standing

This one is going to take a while before we figure out who wins.¬†Which player on the Opening Day roster¬†will have¬†the¬†longest overall (continuous) career as a Padres’ player?

Ghost – Hedges
Nathan – Margot
Laura – Renfroe
Dave – Miguel Diaz

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  • ballybunion

    The Fan Fest. What’s there to say? It was moved to allow money making events, so that tells you what the Padres think of it. The best way to kill it is the way the City killed the City open golf tournament: they eliminated all handicap flights and had only a small field of scratch golfers. The Padres equivalent would be limiting it to season ticket holders, and moving it to various dates in the off-season, when there will be fewer players. That will turn it into a coffee klatch of sorts, with dwindling attendance, until they just don’t do it anymore.

    As for the predictions: Pessimists! Just remember, the Opening Day roster will be substantially altered by August, with significant changes well before that, especially with the rotation. I expect to see Lockett fairly soon, and with Zach Lee and Tyrell Jenkins out of options after this year, might as well see what they can do before next Spring Training, when it’s keep or cut time. With the changes coming, predicting a specific number of wins instead of a range is problematic.

  • DaveP

    Disabled list – none of us got that one right. Sanchez was the first person on DL and Cahill was the first person on 10 day DL.

    Also, my Blue Jays/Mets World Series looks really, really unlikely. lol

    • Nathan’s NL Cy Young picks got off to a great start, too.