Once in a great while, I struggle to think of topics to write about for this website. Actually, I think I’ve managed to struggle every other week this season. Half of my posts have been thought up the day before they’re due to be published.

Having said that, I think I’ve done an okay job, especially considering I’ve only been doing this since January of last year. That’s why I jumped at the chance when I was asked if I wanted to join Padres Public. Lord knows nobody else would bother to put up with my crap on a weekly basis.

I was sitting here over the weekend, once again struggling to come up with a topic, when it hit me. You people pretty much hang on my every word on Twitter. Why not ask you guys to come up with something?

I had a few great suggestions. But for the most part, you people wanted stuff that has already been covered by others here at Padres Public:

So what topic did I choose? Who’s getting both a mention and ice cream?*

If you don’t know where “That’s baseball” came from, I pity you.

During the season, in Bud Black‘s postgame press conferences, he would occasionally answer questions from Corey Brock, Bill Center, Kelly Crull, or AJ Cassavell with, “You know what that is, [insert reporter’s first name]? That’s baseball.” At first, it was funny. But as time went on, and Black kept doing it, it came across as just snarkily avoiding the question asked.

That’s Baseball

The warning path. That’s baseball.

Action pitch. That’s baseball.

Hubba hubba. That’s baseball.

Edinson Volquez hat angle updates. That’s baseball.

Ian Kennedy‘s struggles on the road. That’s baseball.

Dickhats. That’s baseball.

Ringhats. That’s baseball.

Alexi Amarista starting in center field. That’s baseball.

Will Venable‘s hairline. That’s Baseball.

Norf. That’s baseball.

Deno. That’s baseball.

Deño. That’s baseball.

Why not Kotsay? That’s baseball.

Andrew Cashner dressing the deer. That’s baseball.

Tommy John surgery. That’s baseball.

PED suspensions. That’s baseball.

Yasiel Puig. That’s baseball.

#fartnoise. That’s baseball.

Did I miss anything? That’s baseball. And put it in the comments.


I just want to take this opportunity to thank you all for reading, putting up with my garbage, and supporting Padres Public all season. The fact that Padres Public managed to make it through the entire season without imploding is just amazing. Then again…

That’s baseball.


*I hope you sent your tweet from Antarctica or French Polynesia, Josh.


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  • Season ticket holder

    Wow… This left me… speechless… so
    read on… it may be in your best interest as a blogger or whatever you wish to
    call yourselves, drunken twitter keyboard warriors sounds a little better to
    me, but from here on out I will do my best not to make a really mean insult
    because unlike this blog, im quite classy.

    “Once in a great while, I struggle to think of topics to write about for
    this website”

    So I take it you guys hardly go to games? If
    ever? I go to a lot of games, and I do mean a lot, and yes there are a lot of
    dull moments but there are a lot of things you can write about, from the fans
    like Harry the Heckler, to Luigi the Clayton Richard stalker/best friend, to
    the really nice, funny and smart ushers to the rare dimwitted ushers then the
    rest of management, and then the game itself, with all of that you would have a
    ton to write about while still staying on topic, topic being a padres game and
    like you know being there over sitting on your couch or drinking a bear
    watching it on tv moaning about how Dick Enberg is some sort of anti christ. In
    all reality he’s a guy getting paid to do a job none of you guys could ever do.
    He’s forgotten more baseball than you guys may ever come to learn…

    “Half of my posts have been thought
    up the day before they’re due to be published.”

    Just a great way to make yourself
    look like an absolutely terrible writer… Every writer, whether or not they got
    their degree in English or just bought a website and became a blogger, knows there
    are steps to writing especially when it comes to open forums where anyone can
    read it.

    You must draft, prewrite, write,
    edit, publish etc. Some quality writers will actually make their own
    personalized steps to go in-between these steps (aside from the point). Unless you’re
    writing this for like 5 hours or something (Which would highly surprise me
    considering how truly boring, dull and simple minded this stuff is) it seems to
    me you either neglect the proper steps of writing or simply don’t use them.

    “Having said that, I think I’ve
    done an okay job”

    …that thought must have had a long
    and lonely journey through your mind if you truly think this stuff is good… but
    enough of the juvenile comments which are completely true, lets just focus on
    the subject matter.

    “You people pretty much hang on my
    every word on Twitter. Why not ask you guys to come up with something?”

    Well, maybe because its your job? I
    mean that my be a reason to not ask… after all, there are 60 seconds a minute
    and 60 minutes an hour and 24 hours a day and 7 days a week… however you wish
    to look at it whether it be

    604,800 seconds, 1,440 minutes or 168 hours that’s still a lot
    of time to come up with one darn thing to write about… and don’t try to say
    well work or well I sleep etc. there’s
    still a lot of free time in-between those two…

    And heck… Why ask twitter for a
    subject to which you can talk about? Let me give you a little hint, season
    ticket holders aren’t the happiest people in the world right now due to what
    this organization (or lack thereof) has put us through. So why not go to the
    game, get there 3 hours before gates open, stand in the season ticket holder
    gate area and ask season ticket holders… that way you can get some actual
    decent things to write about, instead of this manure, and get good publicity
    for your putrid blog.

    “The warning path” by the way… I remember
    when you guys made a fit about Enberg saying that… it’s an actual baseball term
    which im sure you now know.


    Norf =D oh here we go =D

    Ok so here’s how the ball roles.

    The night you guys sat in the jack
    deck (I was there) deno turned because the Mission (lead by Corey with help
    from Ishmael, Kai, Afro Friar, Randi and several other people) was doing what
    they call “Road Call” this being where they yell someones name until they turn
    and wave and or throw a ball. They do this EVERY DAMN GAME, so which do you
    think he turned around to acknowledge? Norf which he had never heard of or deno
    for roadcall which they do daily? Well because you may not believe me on this I
    took it a step further =) being a season ticket holder, I actually go to a lot
    of games so I spent one waiting above the padres dugout to talk to Deno. And of
    course I got his attention and I asked him “Hey deno, have you ever heard of
    the name Norf? its popular on twitter” to which he responded “no I haven’t” I then
    asked him for the record in case I were to ever address you guys (padres pubic,
    I mean public) what his nickname actually is and what he thinks of the nickname
    norf, to which he responded “deno. and I don’t like it”

    But hey, maybe you still don’t believe
    this season ticket holder, may I recommend going to tonight or tomorrow and
    asking him yourself? It isn’t too hard to get deno’s autograph and then ask

    “I just want to take this
    opportunity to thank you all for reading”

    Wow, something written correctly
    and well put together =D

    “putting up with my garbage”

    Trust me… it isn’t easy…

    “The fact that Padres Public
    managed to make it through the entire season without imploding is just amazing”

    No, its absolutely amazing your
    followers are even out there, you guys tend to be the biggest jerks there are.
    And while I say that may I say how disrespectful you guys are, to dick enberg,
    to bud black, hell to our own country which YOU LIVE IN, I remember when I saw
    your comment about how you were mad you couldn’t turn down god bless America
    etc. You sir are a low life, even to joke about that in and of itself is so
    highly disrespectful… In all reality, Ray Kroc was a nice man one who loved the
    fans, players and the country. Ray kroc would never have said anything to that
    extent, rather if he was alive he would have called you out on saying it.

    • Sac Bunt Melvin


    • Thanks for reading, and…

    • “Drinking a bear” sounds both dangerous & sexy.

    • Brandon Cline

      And a few words from another Season Ticket Holder

      From my cold, plastic, blue colored 4th seat of the 9th row in the 15th section of the field level, I have watched the same games you have. Bud Black has made some atrocious decisions numerous times in his tenure here. He offers zero creativity when it comes to managing. Not to say that managing requires NFL-coaching strategy but he absolutely cannot put down the “Managing for Dummies” book. He ridiculously plays the matchups/platoons. He calls for bunts WAY too often. He insists on trotting out Mark Kotsay & Jesus Guzman who would never ever be ML starters on about 20 other clubs. I’ve seen Bud Black apologists and then I just read this. Wow.

      Yes, the three years that I have have been a season ticket holder have been painful. However, I like to think that this team is marching towards contention in a manner that needs to be done. Padres can’t and should not be the Dodgers. KT left the farm in an abysmal state and that’s trying to be fixed. Cashner, Kennedy, Ross should be a pretty decent 1-2-3 in the rotation with Wieland and Kelly waiting on the wings. These people here have opined on this ad infinitum.

      Since I need to get back to some modicum of productivity, I’ll wrap this up and say.


      • Season ticket holder

        You blame black for the players? you do realize he can actually run and manage a team when he kind of has a team to manage…. If you want to blame Black for the crap the O’Malley’s have put on the field man you really need to rethink about that for a little while (that is not intended to be mean at all please don’t take offense to that). Black has proven he can run an actual team when he has one to manage, I mean heck he won the manager of the year in 2010 even though we didn’t even go to the play offs. Don’t get me wrong, I hate that little ninja in center, I hate how he puts kotsay in for a guy who’s hitting better and how we platoon all the time. but as a season ticket holder im pretty sure you have seen that DL list every game too huh? you know, the actual reason he has to platoon. but I guarantee you if you give black a better club he wouldn’t pitch hit kotsay for guzman nor platoon…

    • Geoff Hancock

      For the record…this is the opposite of “speechless.”

  • Season ticket holder

    The morons strike back!
    For the record, you targeted the wrong man, I notice you’re calling out nachopadre without any proof =D I guess that’s how things are run here at pardres public, blame the innocent =) For the record =D you do realize there are 13,000 season ticket holders? wait.. why would you realize that you aren’t one of us. I also find it funny you call him out, you do realize im one of many who think you’re all flat out dumb, the difference is im the only one who was willing to say anything.
    this picture below should be the motto of padres public, just saying 😉

    • SDPads1

      That will be our first t-shirt design.

      • Lonnie Brownell

        I take it The Guy deleted his own comments? Too bad, I missed the one that led to the t-shirt design.

        I did catch drinking a bear, which takes me back to an ancient Firesign Theatre ad: “Bear Whiz Beer. It’s in the water–that’s why it’s yellow.” See the full thang here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=hZqEpUw6ilQ#t=59

      • Lonnie Brownell

        Oh, now that its back and I see it, it does call to mind the Padres Public founding maxim: “A bunch of half-asses can make one fabulous ass”.

        I’d go with that for the first t-shirt.

      • Yeah, I don’t know what’s going on with that. But f**k it! Acknowledge the stupidity!

  • Season ticket holder

    if you want to figure out who I am, heres a simple few simple phrases I live by and or uphold.
    Semper Fi.
    United States Marine Corps
    and finally but not least
    Padres Season Ticket holder.

  • Nathan Veale

    I rarely take more than 2 hours of actual writing time on my posts. And I’ve sat down to write not knowing what I was about to write about a bunch of times. It’s a long season, and blogging doesn’t get the winter off. That’s why I started a series. Hopefully the posts are worthwhile too, but more importantly I know what my next post is going to be about. Pre-writing? Funny shit.

  • Geoff Hancock

    “Well, maybe because its your job?”
    Actually…it isn’t. Unless someone is making money under the table here that I’m not aware of. The internet is free. Start your own blog if you don’t like the content here. Also, it’s baseball. It’s September. The team is well under .500. Calm down.

  • I feel like I just played a twin bill and the nightcap went into extra innings. That’s Baseball, eh?

  • Haters gonna hate. Norf gonna Norf. That’s baseball.

  • JZ