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The Ghost of Ray Kroc

Statement Regarding Statements

In response the growing number of statements being released to the San Diego media, Padres Public wanted to get in on the action, for no apparent reason.

  • Carlos Quentin is apparently going to play some first base this spring in an attempt to either A) make himself more useful on this Padres roster, of B) increase his trade value. The statement on Twitter by Ghost of Ray Kroc to Jeff Sanders of the UT should not be taken seriously. Unless it happens. In which case, I told you so.
  • Quentin and Matt Kemp have “buried the hatchet” as far as any lingering animosity that may have resulted from the Zack Greinke/Quentin brawl of April 11, 2013. Kemp was featured prominently in a photo from the player’s parking lot at Petco Park yelling at Quentin as then-Padres pitcher, Clayton Richard, stood between them looking all buff, bro.Kemp, Richard, 12 Apr 13 (Dennis Lin)
  • Padres Public is optimistic about the Padres chances for this upcoming season. Cautiously optimistic, because we’ve been completely wrong in the past.
  • Padres Public will happily give any property we currently own in the East Village area of Downtown San Diego to go towards a new football stadium, provided that it is understood that it will take at least 7-8 years and a few hundred million dollars to build, move, and transition to a new, as-yet-undetermined location.

About Padres Public was created in February of 2013 out of the flaming wreckage of multiple Padres fan blogs in an attempt to consolidate webclicks into one single website. In it’s two years of existence, has become a semi-trusted source for analysis and opinion on all things Padres for some odd reason. We’re not really sure why that is either, so it’s not just you.


For more information about this topic, please do not contact @GhostofRAK, because he has no clue what he just wrote or why he wrote any of it.

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