They say a picture is worth a thousand words.
My only question is: Who are “they”?

If a picture is valued at a thousand words, then a series of combined pictures depicting motion into a looping format must be valued at a gajillion* words!

*Pretty sure that’s not an actual number. I was told there would be no math when I was asked to join Padres Public.

Last night during the Padres game in Philadelphia, the Phillie Phanatic paid a visit to the Fox Sports San Diego booth to visit with Dick Enberg and Mark “Mud” Grant.

Let’s just say the results were both expected and surprising. And hilarious.

Mud made the mistake of telling the Phanatic that Mr. Met is his favorite mascot.



Dick was not amused by the Phanatic’s antics at all. He jokingly (I assume) wondered if Laura McKeeman was the one spraying Mud with the silly string. Then he tried to make a joke about the Phanatic’s green color that fell completely flat. Something about bile. It was gross.

After telling the Phanatic he should go “back to the Galapagos” where he belongs, Mud apologized for his Mr. Met remark and offered his hand in friendship. So, of course, this happened.


Mud then challenged the Phanatic to a staring contest. After that, the Phanatic had a message for all of us watching.

"Vote 4 me..." "...or Mud gets it."

“Vote 4 me…”
“…or Mud gets it!”

“I think he already got it,” quipped Laura.

Yes you did, Mud. You certainly did.




You’re welcome.

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