Ask The Ghost: Earth Day 2015 Edition

In honor of Earth Day today, I decided to recycle* something Dustin did and answer questions via the Twitter machine.

The big difference: I don’t know anything. I’m not a stathead. I don’t analyze every player’s performance. I’m just a fan who knows about as much as you guys. And the questions I received picked reflect that total lack of knowledge.

Having said that, let’s get it on!

*Did you see what I did there?


James Shields – Awesome.
Matt Kemp – Really, really good.
Wil Myers – Outstanding.
Justin Upton – Awesomely good.
Derek Norris – Ridiculously awesome.
Will Middlebrooks – Good.
Craig Kimbrel – Really good.
Clint Barmes – Meh.


I wouldn’t know. I’m a ghost, not an angel. I’m going to assume there are not, because God has probably watched Super Size Me at least once.

Remember, there are no stupid questions, just stupid people.


I don’t know how to answer that.

I take it back. There are stupid questions.


It’s “Ask The Ghost,” not Ghostradamus. C’mon, man.

If I had to guess, I would say J Upton. He was left out of the lineup on Sunday in Chicago with a quadriceps strain. Granted, it was only one game, but that would be my likely candidate. So far they have looked pretty good [knocks on wood] as far as health goes.

I take it back. It’ll probably end up being Jedd Gyorko, who will come down with some mystery illness and have to spend 15 days on the disabled list and make a couple of rehab appearances. You know, just to make sure he’s healthy. **wink**

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