twitterpadresI’ve noticed a lot of links to “Top XX Twitter Accounts Padres Fans Should Be Following” popping up here and there.  I think all of these lists I’ve seen have been severely lacking.  They seem to leave out some of the major accounts associated with the Padres, some of the best accounts in terms of  interaction, and some accounts that are just good follows.  Quite frankly, I’m not sure who would want to follow some of the accounts suggested by the lists I’ve seen.

I’m including myself in that.  I’m still amazed that I have managed to get 900+ 1000+ followers.  You people must be bored out of your skulls.

So, I decided to compile my own list.  The difference between my list and all these other ones that have popped up:  I didn’t limit how many.  You should be following most of them — if not all — if you consider yourself a fan and want to get all the news, information, and opinions that are out there.

I follow just about all of these people/accounts because they put forth some great, honest information and/or opinions on the Padres.  From the Padres front office to the lowly fan in the cheap seats and from San Diego, CA to Seattle, WA to Washington, D.C. and everywhere in between.

So here you go, grouped by category but in pretty much no particular order:

UPDATED AS OF 1/3/2015

Padres Organization

Padres Social Hour

  • jesseagler
    Host of Padres Social Hour and fill-in radio/TV play-by-play announcer.
  • PadresCentral
    Bill Center, formerly the Padres beat writer for UT San Diego, now blogging and co-hosting Social Hour for the Padres.
  • GracieLaw79
    Mike Grace, Occasional host of Social Hour.
  • SETHfoster

Padres Minor League Affiliates

Current Padres Players

Padres Minor Leaguers

Former Padres Players




  • berniewilson
    San Diego’s Associated Press sports writer.  Also known as The Woirst.



Shameless Self-Promotion

So there you have it.  What — I think — is the most comprehensive list of who and what to follow on Twitter ever compiled for Padres fans.  Did I miss you?  Well then, do a better job of tweeting about the Padres.

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