2013 McRib Awards, Part 2: The Fox Sports San Diego Girls

It’s that time again. The 2013 McRib Awards continue with a very special category for you all to vote on.

The Fox Sports San Diego Girls have been staunch allies of Padres Public ever since they first came on the scene in early 2012, when we were all still doing our own blogs. When I told them the concept of the McRib Awards while at the Gameday Sports Bar in Sycuan Casino — and that our readers would determine the results — Katie (The Blonde One), Brie (The Other One), and Nathalie (The Ex-One) got very excited.

“Do us,” all three of them yelled out in unison, causing some heads to look up for a split-second from video slot and poker machines.

My initial reaction was one of utter shock. After someone helped me back into the chair I had just fallen out of, I realized that they actually wanted their own award for people to vote on.

Who am I to deny them potential bragging rights? So I will comply with their wishes, because I’m just a big softie.

Besides, there’s no guarantee any of them will be here next year at this time, if history is any indication.

Seriously, Fox Sports San Diego goes through their brand ambassadors like they have an expiration date tattooed on the back of their necks and will self-destruct if employed beyond that.

Actually, that would be kind of cool to see. Make it happen, FSSD.

All-Time (So Far) Favorite
Fox Sports San Diego Girl



The newest member of the Fox Sports San Diego Girls, Brie has not yet been fully vetted by The Ghost and Padres Public as cool. But she’s well on her way. The fact that she talks to me us after Katie and Nathalie warned told her about me us is a good sign.

Brie is a world champion Tiddlywinks player and a master of the martial art of throwing playing cards.*


Artist’s Rendering

One of the two original Fox Sports San Diego Girls, Brittany — or Britt as she was also known — mysteriously disappeared last October. Many questions as to where she went have been asked, but zero answers have been revealed. I believe she was placed in Fox Networks’ spokesperson protection program, given a new identity, and is currently living and working in Osh Kosh, Wisconsin as a Walmart pharmacy technician.* If she still Instagrams her meals, we’ll likely never know.



Katie is the fourth Fox Sports San Diego Girl, hired late last Padres season. She managed to indirectly contribute some content for my old blog almost immediately upon arrival. Ever since then, Katie has been a good friend to The Ghost and Padres Public. Even when I give her grief for somehow thinking we were broadcasting their appearance on Padres And Pints at this year’s Fan Fest live.

In her spare time, Katie dances for nickels in Balboa Park with her one-woman band busker act.*


Artist’s Rendering

The second of the two original Fox Sports San Diego Girls, Krista was also the first one to be placed in Fox Network’s spokesperson protection program. And, like Brittany, no one has heard anything about her since. My theory is she was moved to Orlando, Florida and now works at the Magic Kingdom as one of the Seven Dwarfs. Most likely Sneezy.*



Nathalie was the third Fox Sports San Diego Girl, coming onboard in the middle of the 2012 Padres season. Last month, Nathalie announced that she was leaving, to pursue her dreams of becoming a pool cleaner’s assistant. Or something like that. I wasn’t paying very close attention after hearing “I’m leaving.”

Nathalie once ate an entire 28″ Giant New York Pizza by herself, just because she could. Not that big of a deal. The impressive thing was, it had anchovies instead of pepperoni.*


Voting will be again open for one week and you can vote as many times as you like. Because, let’s face it, we’re not selecting the next Pope here.

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*Completely made up facts. Unless they turn out to be true.

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