2013-14 Off-Season: Extra Value Meal or Dollar Menu?

Padres fans’ disappointment in the Padres 2012-13 off-season, when they did nothing to upgrade anything about the roster, has been well documented.

But, that was last year. What does this off-season hold in terms of potential free agent signings?

We’ve already seen changes, as Clayton Richard was shown the door (but there is always the chance that he comes back) last week. Colt Hynes was traded to the Cleveland Indians for cash. Mark Kotsay has retired.

Josh Byrnes has already given us this off-season’s “big believer in belief” moment, according to Jim Bowden of ESPN:

“General up-grades.” Yeah, that’s definitely a priority.

I used Yahoo! Sports Jeff Passan‘s Ultimate Free Agent Tracker to help me break down some of the 2013-14 free agent class and the likelihood of the Padres interest. Or disinterest, in most cases.

Big Mac

Padres Have No Absolutely Chance of Signing Any of These Guys

Deluxe Quarter Pounder

Little to No Chance of Signing

Premium Chicken Sandwich

Interesting But Unlikely

McRib Combo with Extra McRib for $1

Ewww…Gross! Don’t Even Think About It, Byrnes

I know, there’s a lot of ex-Padres on this list. That’s kind of the point. They’re ex-Padres for a reason, in most cases.

Bacon & Cheese Quarter Pounder

Because Bacon Makes Everything Better, aka Who I Would Like To See the Padres Target

Notice there’s no position players on that list? I still think the rotation and bullpen need more upgrading than anything else. Maybe they can make some trades to upgrade the outfield or catcher.

Agree? Disagree? Prefer Taco Bell? Tell me how stupid I am in the comments or yell at me on Twitter.

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  • Geoff Young

    Good stuff, Ghost. I agree with the priorities but disagree on some of the particulars. I don’t want Garza at all. Someone will overpay for Nolasco, and Haren’s injury history scares me.

    I actually wouldn’t mind Perez or Zito, if they can be signed for cheap.

    Also, the only good thing about Taco Bell was the chihuahua. #GoChihuahuas

    • VM David

      I agree on Ollie. Cheap and out of the bullpen? That would be a good move.

    • I just realized I had Garza in there twice. He’s only supposed to be in the Premium Chicken Sandwich category and not the Bacon & Cheese Quarter Pounder one.

    • pat

      Whoa! Who hacked GY? Perez or Zito? Isn’t it time we stop targeting washed up 5th starters?

      • Geoff just confused Oliver with Pascual, I’m sure…

        Wait–that’s even worse!

  • GoldenBoy

    I don’t except the Padres to make any free agent acquisitions beyond a LH reliever, cheap starting pitcher, and maybe another cheap reliever. The front office has basically said this themselves. The real question is, what additions are they going to make via trade?

  • We had a solid discussion about Omar Infante on last night’s podcast. Well, maybe it wasn’t solid.

  • Craig E

    Zito is such a pure Padres move, in my mind it’s already happened.

    • Barry Zito relieved* by Nick Vincent? That’s San Diego!
      (* That sounds weird doesn’t it?)

  • pat

    Choo is the only position player up there we should be going after. He also fits the LH bat description. Great on base skills, some HR power, good baserunner, and good RF. Chance we sign him? Big Mac.