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I’ve never claimed to be a good writer. In fact, I freely acknowledge the fact that most of my “writing” involves embedding GIFs, YouTube clips and somewhat funny pictures of monkeys into a post and hitting “publish.”

So, when all of this Biogenesis stuff came down, I tried to come up with something meaningful. Something worthy of your time and effort to read.

This is all I could come up with:

Only missing the YouTube part. Two out of three ain’t bad!

Now, before you back out of this page, never to return again, give me a second chance. While I may not be able to express in writing what I’m feeling about all of this PED talk, other people have done just that. So I have compiled a few of what I think are some of the better articles and/or stories from people who are better writers than I.

I don’t necessarily agree with every one of these, but I respect their opinions on the matter.

Here’s hoping you leave this site having at least learned something, which is all I can really ask for.

Cabrera Tells His Side of the StoryDerek Togerson, NBC 7 San Diego

“I attended that news conference, and perhaps I was caught up in the emotion of the moment, but I saw real pain in Cabrera’s face. To go off on a quick editorializing tangent, I believe he was a frustrated 25-year-old fearing for his Major League future, so he made a bad decision, and now he deeply regrets it.”

Justice Served?Jonah Keri,

“If you want a reason to cheer Rodriguez’s appeal (and you’re not a Yankees fan), consider that MLB’s evidence is now far more likely to be revealed than if the two sides had simply negotiated an agreed-upon suspension, thus likely answering many of these questions. Had the league and Rodriguez settled, we’d likely be left in the dark as to the full extent of the player’s violations, the way we were with Braun. Here, the public stands a greater chance of learning exactly what MLB has on A-Rod, and thus how it might interpret future violations by other players when it seeks suspensions of various lengths.”

At this point, you wonder whether A-Rod is even the phony’s real nameScott Miller, CBS Sports

“Me, I would have handed A-Rod three consecutive life sentences Monday.

One for being a serial cheater, gobbling PEDs as if they were Flintstones vitamins.

One for being so dishonest and disingenuous that he makes pathological liars look like honest, God-fearing men.

And one for being a delusional, deranged dope who long ago should have forfeited the privilege to play major league baseball. And yes, as in whatever job you’re working, A-Rod’s gig is a privilege. Not a right.”

Bud Selig’s overzealous handling of A-Rod is more about legacy preservation than ‘good of the game’Jeff Passan, Yahoo Sports

“If A-Rod is a lightning rod, Bud Selig is the thunder and rain, his complement in chaos. Even if he didn’t get the lifetime ban – not only would it have drawn the ire of the union and incited another labor war, it might have threatened the league’s antitrust exemption, something no commissioner wants on his résumé – Selig is playing legacy Stratego: by crushing Rodriguez’s, he’s pumping up his own.”

Outraged at A-Rod? Take a look in the mirror, friend – Craig Calcaterra, NBC Sports Hardball Talk

“Here’s where I am right now: It’s not a matter of new school vs. old school. It’s not a matter of smart vs. not-so-smart. It’s simply a matter of there being two kinds of sports fans: those who hold players to a higher moral standard than people in general, and those who don’t. That’s it.”

On Biogenesis and player selfishnessMike Bates, SB Nation

“Are they acting out of their own self interest? Sure. But it’s also out of interest for their families and whatever club they’re playing for next year, which is presumably no more or less important than the one they’re on now. Really, we all act out of our own self-interest, at least in part, all the time.”

Biogenesis scandal: Agents speak out against ACESChris Cotillo, MLB Daily Dish

“If you’re counting at home, that’s thirteen ACES clients out of the nineteen players linked to Biogenesis, equaling 68.4% of the accused group.”


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