Everth Cabrera: All-Star Game MVP (Not Really)

The 2013 MLB All-Star Game has come and gone. Everth Cabrera got a free trip to New York and front row dugout seats to the festivities and game. And that’s about it.

Bruce Bochy didn’t play Cabrera last night. Why? Is it because he was holding Cabrera in reserve in case the game went extra innings? Did Bochy just forget Cabrera was there? Was it an alien conspiracy?

Brady from LobShots found proof that Cabrera was, in fact, there.

Or, at least someone wearing his jersey was…

There were some interesting theories put out over Twitter during the game. Let’s explore a few of them, shall we?

Everth Cabrera 2013 MLB All-Star

Everth Cabrera, 2013 MLB All-Star

Bochy hates the Padres


Then Ben Higgins of 10 News and XTRA 1360 quashed this one pretty definitively.

Bochy is sick of the jokes about his huge melon

C’mon. Bochy just headbutts people who make fun of his huge head. And they are never heard from again.

Cabrera just didn’t have the opportunity

This actually makes the most sense. Given the fact that the NL only had 3 hits, the opportunity for pinch running was almost non-existent.

MLB told the All-Star Game managers to not play the Biogenesis players

Darren Smith from Mighty 1090 had an answer for that.

Besides, who says Bochy didn’t use Cabrera in the end?

The fact of the matter is, it doesn’t matter why Cabrera never got into the game. As much as Major League Baseball tries to make it seem like this game matters, it’s still just an exhibition.

Besides, the odds of the Padres getting to play in the World Series this year are astronomical at this point.

I hope he had a good time in New York and comes back to the Padres ready to go HAM on the rest of the season.

Unless he gets suspended because of Biogenesis…


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  • GoldenBoy

    The NL only got 3 hits, that’s why we didn’t see Cabrera. Bochy was saving Everth as a pinch runner at a crucial moment, and then would have kept him in the game. McCutchen was used in this exact same way in the 4th. After that the NL only got 2 more base runners before the 9th, one of which was David Wright. Their last runner was with 2 outs in a 3-0 game. There weren’t many pinch running opportunities.

    • Pretty sure I said that.

      [looks again]

      Yep. I did say that.

  • The Abbot Costello

    I Recall Two Different SD Closers Blowing NL leads (Hoffy & Heater). No Way Street Was Getting In LasT Year. But A Position Player? It WaS AnotherSlapInTheFace.

    • blahdu

      last time i checked, the internet doesn’t require you to use capital letters for each word. nor does the english language. just for the record.

      • The Abbot Costello

        Ha! How Adorable!It It Seems thatTheProgramThatI UseOnMy Phone DoesThisAllByItself. ButThanksForNoticingAndMakingACommentAboutIt… You MustGetLaidALotCorrectingPeole Inpublic…