Despite what you may think if you follow me on Twitter (or have read this prior post), I don’t hate Dick Enberg. The man is a broadcasting legend. It’s just that I believe play-by-play is no longer his strength.

I think that if the Padres and Fox Sports San Diego want to keep Enberg around, he may be more suited to host the pre- and postgame shows.

If they do decide to take Enberg off of play-by-play duties next season (or sooner), who would/should replace him?

Andy Masur

Andy Masur

He’s already on Fox Sports San Diego‘s payroll. And he’s SEVERELY underutilized by both the Padres & Mighty 1090.

He has tons of experience.

He’s a nice guy.

Need I say more? Do it already, FSSD!

Ted Leitner

Ted Leitner

I don’t know if Uncle Teddy wants to come back to TV. But, if he does, this is the perfect time to do it. Andy Masur could take over for Leitner on the radio. Win-win situation.

And, just think about the comedy that will ensue when Ted asks Mark Grant “What’d you do today?”

Mike Pomeranz

Mike Pomeranz

Pomeranz has been filling-in for Enberg this season during Enberg’s time off, scheduled or otherwise, and he’s done an okay job. It was a little rough at first, but he showed improvement as he got more comfortable in the role.

And, on top of all that, he used to have his own BBQ sauce.

Fielder's Choice BBQ Sauce

RJ’s Fro and I have already floated the idea of a BBQ-off against Randy Jones for charity. Let’s light this candle.

Mel Proctor

Mel Proctor

Proctor made a triumphant return for 90’s Throwback Night last month. And that night made me realize how nice it would be to hear Mel calling Padres games again.

Lee “Hacksaw” Hamilton

Lee "Hacksaw" Hamilton

“But, Ghost, you HATE Hacksaw! Why is his ugly mug cluttering up this post?”

I’ll tell you. He has expressed interest in doing play-by-play for the Padres on radio. And if Leitner — who also dislikes Hacksaw with extreme prejudice — stays on radio, and if they don’t go with any of the other choices, I say give him a shot on TV.

Just think about the possibilities:

“Outfielders into the pattern!”
“Caught by the infielder!”

And, his home run call would be EPIC:

“Just like that plate of IHOP pancakes I had for breakfast, it’s gone!”

Matt Vasgersian

Matt Vasgersian

I love Matty V. I do. But this is even a bigger longshot than Hacksaw.

Yeah, I know he’s said in multiple interviews (and in our online chat) that he’d love to come back to San Diego. I honestly think he just said that to not piss off people in San Diego. He’s got a great thing going for him at MLB Network. And it would take something major for him to leave that, I think.


So, what do you think?

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