Still unknown is whether Byrnes drank the iced coffee.

Josh Byrnes was a guest this morning on XTRA Sports 1360‘s The World of Sports According to Chris and Ben.


Earlier today, Gaslamp Ball posted their own recap, but I was already in the middle of writing this. So I don’t want to hear any crap about “you’re just stealing from them again!”

You can listen and/or download the entire interview here.

Chris Ello started the interview by asking if Byrnes ever had feelings of panic and the need to do something right now in regards to the Padres slow start.

It was strange because, we finished last year 57-46, playing pretty well for 2/3 of the season. And, more or less, we brought the same team back.

At least he admits that much.

It doesn’t mean it’s going to carryover, of course. We opened with Chase Headley on the DL and Carlos Quentin a little behind because he didn’t have much of a Spring Training. But, yeah, we just didn’t play very well. We were 5-15. I felt like our team was still capable of winning, but you can’t dig too big of a hole, and fortunately, we snapped out of it.

Well, sort of snapped out of it. The Padres are still in 4th place in the NL West. It’s only because of the Dodgers total suckitude that they’re not in last.

Ben Higgins then asked him if the Padres would be buyers or sellers in the next month leading up to the trading deadline.

Discussions are certainly ongoing, with scouts and also with other general managers. I think, on the one hand, the next few weeks will determine if we’re apt to bring in a guy as a rental player who’s a free agent at the end of year. But, we kind of have the roster intact for next year, for the most part. So, this group is together and if we’re going to make a trade we might be looking for some player or players that could obviously be part of our team next year.


I think probably our biggest decision in the next two weeks is: Would we actually spend resources, prospects, etc for a rental player or not? But, would we be aggressive to find a player to help us out now and next year and beyond? Absolutely.

Big believer in aggressiveness, Josh Byrnes is.

Chris then asked a long, drawn out question about the fences and how EVERYBODY (the team, the fans, the owners, zombies*, etc) is excited about the difference they’ve made this year.

*May not have said zombies. Like I said, it was a long question and Byrnes really didn’t even answer it.

Ben asked about Huston Street and Chase Headley and if Byrnes has any say in their roles in Bud Black‘s lineup.

Buddy and I obviously talk every day about our team and I think we’re both pretty patient by nature. And, you know, I think Chase will snap out of it…He’s too good of a player to struggle much longer.

With Huston, I think it’s just the nature of that role. If you’re a little off in that job, you know, it affects the game in a big way. He’s a guy who’s always had pinpoint command and he’s just missed a little more than he normally does.

I don’t see us making any changes there. Just grind it out. They’re both good players. They’re both in their twenties. It’s just one of those things, it’s a tough game and both are struggling right now.

Chris asked for an update on Cory Luebke and Joe Wieland.

Tommy John recovery is different for everyone. Wieland’s has been a little smoother…

Luebke is back to throwing in the last week or so…

Ben asked about the chances of locking up Jedd Gyorko with a long-term deal.

Byrnes kind of talked for awhile about nothing, then…

(Gyorko)’s certainly a candidate. There are others who are candidates. There’s some risk in that…

Chris talked for a while, without really asking a question, about the Padres rotation.

Then, it was over.

So, what did we learn, other than Chris Ello likes to talk?

Tommy John surgery affects everyone differently. Jedd Gyorko could get a long-term deal. The Padres may or may not be buyers or sellers leading up to the trading deadline.

And we still don’t know if Josh Byrnes has taken one single sip of his iced coffee.


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