There is a lonely, desolate place located inside the confines of Petco Park.

It’s an historic place.

When Petco Park was designed, there were two old buildings right smack dab in the middle of the ballpark’s footprint. And, because they were both designated historic landmarks, they couldn’t be demolished.

But something needed to be done with the Western Metal Supply Company and the Showley Brothers Candy Company factory buildings.

The question was, what to do?

One answer was to make the Western Metal Supply Company building an integral part of the ballpark, making one corner of the building the left field foul pole. That required constructing a whole new building inside to reinforce the 100 year old structure and bring it up to code, while still leaving the exterior looking much the same.

But the Candy Factory was a different problem. It was right in the middle of the planned Park at the Park. What could the Padres do with it while still keeping it intact? The answer was literally picking the whole building up and moving it a block east, at a cost of $2.5 million dollars.

Here’s an old Cox Channel 4 San Diego Insider story from 2008 about the move, restoration and plans for the building.

Note that it was ready for businesses to move in back in 2008, which means it’s been empty going on five years now. I know the Padres have talked about making the ground floor a number of different things; from a Padres Hall of Fame to another in-game restaurant to another Padres Store.

There’s still nothing in there. Last year, I noticed a couple of games where the Padres had corporate pre-game parties on the ground floor. This year, Phil’s BBQ has taken up most of the outside wall on the Park at the Park side. For all I know, the Padres may very well just be using it as a giant storage shed now.

Saturday night, Fox Sports San Diego had a crane shot of the Candy Factory while coming back from commercial. I mentioned the shot on Twitter* and got a couple of replies stating what people would like to see in there.

*(Actually, I said it was the “Crowley Candy Company” building. Because I’m an idiot.)

There were a few good suggestions. So I decided to put it up for a vote.

Not that this will mean anything, but I’m interested to see what you think the Padres should do with the building.

So vote now.
(Write-in votes are not allowed. But if you have another and/or better idea, put it in the comments.)

UPDATE: Gaslamp Ball demanded that I add a choice. So, in the spirit of Padres blog harmony, I will comply. In favor. Dengue fever.

[polldaddy poll=7145568]

I’ll tell you that I would like to see the Padres make it into a Padres Hall of Fame. A real one. Take those lockers out of the Western Metal building and rebrand that bar as the Western Metal Bar & Grill. No one I know calls it the Hall of Fame Bar & Grill anyway. Probably because a lot of them don’t know that’s supposed to be the Padres Hall of Fame up there.

Here’s an excerpt from the Journal of San Diego History about the candy factory from the San Diego History Center‘s website.



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  • ItsDis

    Could then move the inaccessible plaques in front of the batter’s eye over there too.

    • Yes, the mysterious plaques that may or may not exist. I have never seen them in person.

      • SDPads1

        ItsDis was never seen from again… one must mention those “plaques”. Ever.

      • Brandon Cline

        I’ve actually sat up there. It was during the Reds series last season. Dusty Baker wanted to do BP so I couldn’t have Breakfast at the Park on the field. So I sat where the plaques are.

      • First rule of the plaques: You don’t talk about the plaques.
        Second rule of the plaques: YOU DON’T TALK ABOUT THE PLAQUES!

    • Lonnie Brownell

      On the 80’s Retro Night/Knockaround Giveaway game, we hung out in the Park in the Park. Sitting on the hill, I saw a bronze plaque on the left side of the back of the batters eye (you can see that end of it if you’re to the left of the stage). I walked down to the railing above the bleachers, but I still couldn’t make out what it said. So there’s at least one.

  • leila

    Hall of Fame Microbrewery?

    Old discussion, but I like the idea of turning the bleachers into a beer garden, like with picnic tables (made out of surfboards! so San Diego!) and shade sails. But that would disrupt the Beach and the Park in the Park views… so if the Candy Factory became a beer thing, you could extend the outdoor seating wrapping around the outside towards the Park, but that would be too close to the Fox Sports monstrosity, thus the only thing to do is get rid of it and restore the dignity to the Tony Gwynn statue and return the top of the hill to the rolling children for maximum roll.

    • Lonnie Brownell

      My first thought looking at the list was exactly that–Hall of Fame Microbrewery. Had to pick one, so went with Microbrewery.

  • John Gennaro

    Aleister Crowley would’ve made terrible candy.

  • John Gennaro

    Personally, I love the bar/brewery (The Sandlot) at Coors Field and the beer-themed beers (Right Field Red was a favorite) are awesome. Great place to visit mid-game. I would love if the Padres did something like that.

    • “Beer-themed beers” eh? It’s that kind of innovation we’ve come to expect from Coors.

      • John Gennaro

        Thank goodness for the edit button. Now YOU look like the dumb one.

  • I heard, at least a few years ago, that the HOF would be in the second floor of the
    Schiefer & Sons Building. Still would like to see that there. “The Padres Hall of Fame and Museum…with Oddities!, brought to you by Gaslamp Ball”. That and a second team store should be accessible from J St.
    The microbrewery in the Showley Brothers Candy Company building is the one I voted for. Brew beer at the ol’ ballyard? Great idea!
    1. K Street Stout
    2. Mustard and Brown Ale
    3. Ray Kroc Red