A (Mostly) Fictional History of a (Completely) Fictional Rivalry

A Storied Tradition

  • One of the oldest traditions, started by the 2012 San Diego Padres fans, dictates that the winning team drink Ballast Point Sculpin from the Vedder Cup after victory of the season series. If Seattle wins possession, The Immortal IPA by Elysian Brewing must be drank from the Vedder Cup.
  • Another tradition (or rather superstition) that is prevalent among today’s fans is that no one should touch the Vedder Cup itself until his or her team has rightfully won the Cup.



Spring Training, March 2012: The Peoria Sports Complex is chosen for announcement that the Vedder Cup matchup between the Padres & Mariners will continue on forever.

 Adventures with the Vedder Cup

  • The least recognized trophy in professional sports in the USA and Canada, the Vedder Cup has logged just under 1 kilometer of travel in it’s entire history.
  • Players have unofficially had a private day with the Vedder Cup, a tradition started in 2013 wherein each member of the Cup-winning team is allowed personal possession of the Cup for five minutes. It is always accompanied by at least one representative from Padres Public. Kyle Blanks ate oatmeal out of it, Tim Stauffer used it as a cooler at a party, and Yonder Alsonso locked himself out of his house with the Cup inside while out shopping with Yasmani Grandal. Mark Kotsay allowed his dog to eat out of the Cup. Cameron Maybin had his two older boys drink chocolate milk out of the cup.

Rivalry heats up after Seattle signs manager Dick Williams away from the Padres.

Misadventures with the Vedder Cup

  • After a parade in their honor in 1997, members of the Seattle Mariners took the cup to The Central Saloon, locked the doors, and for 10 minutes allowed the patrons to hoist it above their heads and drink Pyramid Hefeweizen out of it.
  • On June 7, 2007, after the Mariners won the Cup, Ichiro Suzuki brought the trophy to the set of Bill Nye, the Science Guy. Nye then proceeded to do experiments involving the chemical makeup of the Cup.
  • On June 6, 2010, after the Padres’ Cup Parade, the Vedder Cup was pushed off the outdoor patio at Randy Jones All American Sports Grill and received a dent, which was later smoothed out.
  • On August 30, 2012 during Clayton Richard‘s 5 minutes with the cup, it was dropped after Luigi, wearing his jersey backwards, attempted to hug Richard.

Eddie Vedder throws out the first pitch in inaugural Vedder Cup series in 1997.


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  • The records indicate that the nonsense was created in early 2011 prior to the start of Spring Training. Ya know . . . for posterity.

    • This version of the Vedder Cup, yes. The prior one was destroyed after Orlando Hudson ran over it with his lawn mower.