The Egg McMuffin of…Sliding

The Head-First Slide

Everth Cabrera really likes to slide into bases head-first. I mean, REALLY likes to do it.

And, it seems, whenever he makes a mistake on the basepaths, the head-first slide comes into play at least half of the time. Monday night was one of those times.

If you missed it Monday night (or if you have Time Warner Cable), you canĀ watch it here. It really was rather asinine.

Almost immediately, I voiced my displeasure on Twitter.

Turns out, I wasn’t the only one watching who was disappointed in Cabrera’s choice of sliding style.

My friend, Bill, who I went to Dodger Stadium with last year, was watching at his home in Wisconsin.

You know it’s bad when a Brewers fan expresses sympathy towards you.

A short time later, I made this insight:


I mean, that looks so cool! Doesn’t it?

Former Padres coach, Davey Lopes, said this about head-first slides to back in 2011:

“For me it was more natural to slide feet-first. That’s the way we were taught. It was the safest way. … Not that you can’t get hurt feet-first, but it’s easier to get hurt headfirst.”

I wish Lopes was still a coach for the Padres…

Lopes had a good point about getting hurt. Chase Headley fractured his thumb in spring training attempting to break up a double play while sliding feet-first into second base. At the time, I remember people actually asking if he was sliding head-first when it happened.

The really frustrating and confusing part to me was, a little later in Monday’s game, Cabrera slid feet-first going into second…


I know it’s going to take time to cure players like Cabrera of this head-first sliding habit. He’s probably been doing it since he started playing baseball. But, please Padres coaches, teach these guys how to properly do a pop-up slide. Start teaching it in Eugene and keep teaching it all the way up to the major leagues.

I’d say to keep teaching it after players retire, but that’s just silly.

“But, Ghost, Cabrera came from the Rockies in the Rule V Draft! Remember?”

That’s not the point, dammit!

Congratulations, head-first slides! You’re the latest winner of my “Egg McMuffin of…” Award.


Just get rid of them already.


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