Most weeks, you’ll find my stuff on Wednesday. This week the start of the Padres season, in combination with pure, unadulterated laziness, caused it to be moved to Thursday.

Not that anyone is reading this garbage.


I was going to title this “The Padres Are Blowing It: Starting Off On the Wrong Foot.” But we’re trying to be more positive around here at Padres Public.


As if it isn’t bad enough to have to watch this Padres team live down to expectations, this was revealed yesterday:

Now, I understand what the Padres are doing. I really do. You have to squeeze as much cash out of ticket sales as you can. And the Yankees first visit to Petco definitely qualifies as a big deal.*

*To some people. I don’t care. I’m not going to any of those games.

I noticed that the Budweiser 6-Pack promotion gives you a choice of one Yankees game, either Friday or Sunday. Turns out that tickets to that Saturday’s game are being sold at a premium. Dynamic pricing at it’s worst.

But to screw over your season ticket holders like this [or “members,” as they apparently are known as now] is really bad.

Tom Garfinkel released a statement in response to the 10 News story:

“This is a standard practice among teams, but we admittedly didn’t do a good job of communicating to Season Ticket Holders on the front end. We did offer Season Ticket Holders the option of purchasing up to six tickets for each New York Yankees game at their discounted season ticket price, before the general public. We are dealing with the situation on a customer-by-customer basis and are working to take care of the fans who are upset.”

I’m not going to sit here and tell the Padres, “Oh, you should have done this” or “you should have done that.” There’s no point in that. It’s done. Hopefully, they can appease some of the half-season “members” before that Yankees series.

I do have a problem with Kathleen La Gamma’s final statement in that story:

“It will be my last season,” said La Gamma. “I will not renew my season tickets again. I don’t want to ever see that ballpark again.”

Really? Overreact much? If you’re going to threaten to not renew, do it because the front office “misinterprets” the free agent market. Or gives extensions to chronically injured players. Or, somehow, has a “Tommy John or bust” rule in the clubhouse. Not because you got moved out of your seats for one game. That comes across as just entitled and petty.

All this comes on the heels of two ugly losses in New York against the Mets to open the season.

Opening Day, the Padres trotted out Edinson Volquez, who proceeded to Volquez his way out of the game in 3 1/3 innings. The only highlights of Monday’s 11-2 drubbing were Jedd Gyorko’s first Major League hit and Yonder Alonso’s first HR of 2013.

Tuesday, the Padres didn’t play. The Used Car Salesman strikes again…

Wednesday night, Clayton Richard didn’t fare much better than Volquez, lasting just 4 1/3 innings. The Padres made it semi-interesting in the 9th, scoring 3 runs to make it 8-4 Mets. Which is where it stayed.

Seriously, THESE were the 2 best starting pitchers in the spring?



Get ready, Padres fans, to hear this a lot this season:


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  • SDPads1

    Has this team had 1 thing happen this entire off-season where it made them look good?

    By the way, I never want to see you google your instagram on facebook. That is just disgusting.

    • They put in the Ballast Point Beer Garden.

    • The moved the fences. That made them look good to some people.

      In that light, perhaps selling Saturday Yankee game seats to the highest bidders made them look good those high rollers, too.

      Who are probably the same people who wanted the fences brought in.

      BTW, my mother-in-law stopped being a Padres season ticket holder at the end of the ’98 season when they somehow screwed her out of access to post-season tickets. She’s never bought a ticket to a game since, nor even watched them on TV (and she used to keep score at the games–we have the books, they’re fun to look through–so she was seriously into it). So there’s Padres history there. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

  • Not to quibble, but I don’t get how it’s an overreaction for somebody who has spent thousands of dollars on tickets to swear off a team because they got screwed out of the seats they pay for, all so the franchise can redistribute them to other fans and make a profit off of it. They were already committed to tickets knowing the on-field product was lackluster, so being shrugged off by the organization despite that commitment? This goes beyond the precedent set by dynamic pricing.

    I don’t understand how it’s unreasonable for a paying customer to feel slighted by that. If the Padres are going to treat this as a business decision and excuse their gaffe as “standard practice,” fans have every right to reciprocate that and shrug off the franchise they’ve been nothing but loyal to. It’s no less silly than swearing off the franchise for not signing Dan Haren.

    • To add on to what you said (since your managed to hit the send button on your long post before I could), this woman is choosing to not spend her money on what she sees as a dishonest product and that is not entitled or petty. Her language may have been a bit dramatic but she’s not the first person to make this sort of decision concerning the Padres and she won’t be the last, despite what is “stand practice among teams.”

    • I see this particular quote as the overreaction, not the feelings of being screwed.

      And quibble away.

      • Well, as Ray said, it seems like it’s part of the same issue. I don’t think fandom is a birthright and, as such, the franchise’s failure to deliver their product seems as much a reason to step away as the philosophical differences that might drive fans from PETCO Park. The bottom line is that the product & service don’t match what this woman is willing to spend – and it’s driving people to make radical decisions.

    • Melvin

      I’m not going to judge people for how they spend their money. It’s their money!

  • She did overreact way too much, I agree most certainly.

    Honestly, I could give f-all about the game itself. I don’t like the Yankees nor the fans. Our ire is about feeling like we’re 2nd class to selling as many seats as possible no matter who buys them. I picked Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday plans because I don’t want to broil in the summer sun (my seat is nowhere in the shade). Also, I like to go out to downtown after a game. This whole mess could have been avoided if they just bloody well ASKED us. “Brandon, would you be willing to give up your Saturday game for Sunday and perhaps we’ll throw you something.”

    The Padres want us “members” to feel like we’re a part of the organization. This certainly doesn’t help that feeling.

    • The Padres seem to be testing the ol’ adage that it is easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. We’ll see how that one works out.

  • SingingFriar

    “Really? Overreact much? If you’re going to threaten to not renew, do it because the front office “misinterprets” the free agent market…Not because you got moved out of your seats for one game. That comes across as just entitled and petty.”

    I think it’s presumptuous to conclude that her reaction was only based on the season ticket issue; perhaps it’s a culmination of things. Furthermore, calling her “entitled and petty” for voicing her reaction to a customer experience on which she spent a good chunk of her money on is just not good form. It’s her experience, her money, and her time. She’s entitled to feel however she wants.

    Edit: I was slow. What they said.

    • Right. This is more my point. This woman’s experience is but one in a scary culmination of events that are driving fans away, and it should all be concerning.

    • That’s true and this latest debacle is certainly leaning me towards this being my last season as a STH until I see this baseball team make a marketed improvement. This comes on top of what I think are just bad baseball decisions this offseason

      I see both arguments about this woman’s reaction but I’m definitely on her side, just not as emotional as she is.

    • Example:

      If I paid thousands of dollars for a trip to Walt Disney World, only to find when I get there that the Pirates of the Caribbean is closed for maintenance, but every other thing is open. I should therefore consider the entire vacation ruined and vow to never go to a Disney park again?

      I’m just asking. You know, for science.

      • VM David

        You should take John Candy hostage and ride it anyway.

      • Nice.

      • How is that the same thing?

      • If you can’t see the similarities in that example…

      • SingingFriar

        I think it’d be more analogous to use a Disney Annual Passholder who pays a ton of money up front for access to the park. He ends up getting shut out of the park on an expected day that he would otherwise have access to it all so Disney can sell more single day tickets.

      • “Analogous?” Gezundheit.

      • SingingFriar

        If Disney World had Goofy as their number 1 starter, absolutely.

  • If she had said she was forsaking the Padres because of their uneventful off-season or poor play on the field or something else, then yes I’d understand the amount of support she is receiving. But that’s not what she said. She is forsaking them because she feels she is being screwed out of “the big game of the year.” This is despite that she will be able to see the Yankees play on Sunday and she can go to Saturday’s game at a discounted rate.

    Is this a great business practice to switch out a game unannounced to season ticket holders? No. But is it earth-shattering shady? I hardly think so. It’s her money and she can do with it what she wants. I don’t think anyone argues different. But her reasoning behind her decisions are worthy of criticism.

    • Thanks for actually reading what I wrote.

    • SingingFriar

      I still don’t understand how anyone here can say something like “her reasoning behind her decisions are worthy of criticism.” This is not an empirical experiment, this is a customer’s personal and financial reaction to a bad customer service experience. Who’s place is it here to judge how she spends her money?

      • Probably not as much. But I would still consider it an overreaction.

      • She choose to have her story made public. Thus, it is open to criticism and praise. She didn’t just make a personal financial decision based on what she perceives as an inexcusable customer service situation. She drew public attention to it. She wanted attention. Once you do that, you’ve opened yourself up.

  • Wow!, does such hate on a fellow Padres fan have a place on this forum?…sure it does! To hell with her! More food and beer for me! But seriously, her frustration may have been poorly worded, but it’s real. I broke down and bought the Sunday game online. My first reaction to this was, “If the Padres don’t want me there on Sunday, then screw them!” But I love afternoon baseball, Padres baseball!. I can’t remember the last Sunday game I’ve missed since 2005, if at all, (maybe one or two?) Could the Padres have handled this better? Probably. It’s just the Yankees. (Yeah, I said that!) It’s not like Babe Ruth or Lou Gehrig are stepping up to the plate at Petco Park…[sigh]…such as it is with a medium/middle market team?
    P.S. Her baby is ugly too
    P.P.S And the Padres just lost in Colorado, goddamn it! Not two in a row? Please!

  • Geoff Young

    I’d just like to point out that the woman who “overreacted” reportedly “held season tickets at both Qualcomm Stadium and Westgate Park.” The Padres haven’t played at Westgate Park since 1967, so if anyone is entitled to feel strongly about this situation, it’s her. She has more than paid her dues.

    • I agree. We can all appreciate anyone’s dedication to their home team.
      P.S. Just joking about her baby. Beautiful.

    • At the same time, someone who has been a season ticket holder since 1967 has determined that seeing the Yankees on Sunday instead of Saturday is inexcusable? That sounds like she was thinking about dropping this long before the Yankee ticket issue. Otherwise she is giving up on something she’s done for more than 40 years because of one game. That seems like an overreaction.

  • Don’t know if you all wanted to update this or post a new “continuation story” about this issue but I got an e-mail from Tom Garfinkel sent out presumably to all STH affected by this. It reads:

    “I would like to apologize for our handling of tickets for the New York Yankees series. We messed up with you, our valued customer. Some ticket plans were changed and we did not do a good job of communicating those changes. In offering the opportunity to purchase up to six tickets to all games at your discounted price (before sale to the general public), we thought we were providing you the opportunity to attend all Yankee games; however, we should not have altered the season ticket plan as part of the process.

    Should you wish to exchange your current Yankee tickets for a different date, please contact your membership service specialist, Steve Carter, before May 1, and we will make the desired switch.”

    Well they are offering to correct their blunder. I had a feeling they would as they probably don’t want the continual bad press. Like I commented earlier, I can give f-all about the game itself. My beef was that the “dues paying members” got the shaft for more profits. But anyway, as a friend just recently enlightened me, the value of an apology is not the words but the actions behind it. By that I mean this doesn’t happen to me again.

    I won’t hold a grudge but I will remember this. But, my decision to spend more $ on this team will be based on how the season unfolds.

    • This is just another episode of San Diego’s (and other team’s fans) favorite (or not) game show,…Wheel…of…Discontent! [Applause]
      I won’t hold a grudge but will remember as well.