The Curious Case of Freddy Garcia


Sunday came the news that the Padres had released 36 year-old veteran pitcher Freddy Garcia.

Some (meaning me) were not surprised in the least by this news. When the Padres first announced they had signed Garcia to a minor league contract (with an invitation to major league spring training), I first had to double check that they hadn’t signed Jaime Garcia. Now THAT would have surprised me!

Garcia did not have a good outing in his last appearance as a Padre. He managed to give up three home runs to the Rockies on Saturday. Like I said, I was not surprised they cut him. Garcia hasn’t had a good year since the Padres were playing in Qualcomm.

Tyson Ross is probably the Padres fifth starter. At least, that’s what it’s looking like. Ross had a good outing on Friday, throwing 4 1/3 innings and only allowing a run. Thing is, Ross isn’t all that much better of a choice than Garcia.

So, looks like us Padres fans are going to have to get used to a rotation of Edinson VolquezClayton Richardsome guyanother guy, perhaps Andrew Cashner and Ross this season.

And for those of you saying to yourself, “Self, what about Kyle Lohse?”

So, he’s out.*

*Finally. I was getting sick of the constant “Lohse is still available!” from EVERYONE. The Padres were never, ever going to sign Kyle Lohse. Ever. Never. And you can read more about how the Padres weren’t going to sign him here with Padres Trail.

“But, the Mariners just released Jon Garland! At least we know what he can do pitching in Petco Park, right?”

Sorry, the Human Rain Delay is now the Rockies problem. Which should make any games that Garland starts and Rafael Betancourt closes the longest games in the history of anywhere, anytime and anything. I actually feel sorry for Rockies fans now.

But…wait. What’s that I see on the horizon?

Just shoot me now.


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