It could be worse.

Jeffrey Loria could be the Padres owner.

I mean, really, how bad is it for the Miami Marlins right now? They have a dimwit for an owner.

Jeffrey Loria is the former owner of the Montreal Expos who essentially traded the entire Expos organization to Major League Baseball for the then Florida Marlins.

Jeffrey Loria.

Who convinced the City of Miami and Dade County to fund a new retractable roof stadium for the rebranded Miami Marlins. To be fair, the Marlins put up $155 million. But, taxpayers in Miami will be paying back $2.4 billion in bonds.


Jeffrey Loria.

The man who decided this — um, thing — in left center field would be a nice feature of said new ballpark:

Jeffrey Loria.

Who made a big splash in the free agent market in the 2011-12 off-season, signing Jose Reyes, Mark Buehrle and Heath Bell for a total of $191 million.

And proceeded to trade all three of them this past off-season. Reyes & Buehrle to the Toronto Blue Jays and Bell to the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Jeffrey Loria.

Who signed Ozzie Guillen to manage the Marlins in the same 2011-12 off-season, giving him a $10 million/four-year contract.


And proceeded to fire Guillen this past off-season.

Jeffrey Loria.

Who is so clueless, he took out a full-page ad in the Sunday editions of The Miami Herald, South Florida Sun-Sentinel and Palm Beach Post with an open letter to Marlins fans to explain their off-season moves, and then blames everyone but himself for the mess that he got himself into.

So clueless, in fact, that after his open letter went out, he told a group of writers the following:

“I have a sense of [the public anger],” Loria said. I’m sorry we built this amazing ballpark and fans are feeling the way they do. But we did this for a reason. We weren’t going anywhere … we had to do something swiftly, quickly and bold.”

Loria said he was approached by maybe 20 to 30 people on Saturday night at the South Florida food and wine festival. He said all of them congratulated him and some asked to take pictures.

“I haven’t seen anything,” Loria said referring to displays of negativity in his presence. “I got a few silly phone calls. But that was in November, and it stopped. … I’m hoping we can call a halt to it all and try to get behind the home team here.”

I understand the frustration of Padres fans because I am one. I’ve been around longer than a lot of you realize. (What I’m saying is I’m old.)

The new owners didn’t exactly wow us right out of the gate this off-season.

I keep hearing about how John Moores pulled a bait and switch on the people of San Diego. I don’t believe that’s true. Everything was going pretty smoothly until Moores announced he was getting a divorce (and porking his ex-wife’s OB-GYN).

Then it all went to Hell in a hand-basket.

If you want to blame anybody, blame Bud Selig. Selig told Jeff Moorad that he could buy the Padres from Moores on an installment plan. Then he pretty much disowned Moorad when the other owners starting looking closely at the deal.

If only Selig had the foresight to recognize that buying a Major League ballclub on layaway isn’t exactly the perfect plan.

Oh, and it just so happens that Selig coordinated that whole Expos for Marlins deal, as well. Are you starting to see a pattern here? Because I am.

But, think about it. We could have this guy as the owner:


Or am I nuts? (Don’t answer that.)

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