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Comment From Mo

what do you feel the real potential for yasmani grandal is?

Matt Vasgersian: I think the jury is still out as it is for alot of young guys attached to PED use. Personally I’m a big Nick Hundley fan and hope he can claim that gig full time.

Comment From Will
Padres fans are split when it comes to our Uniform preference. Do you like the current Blue scheme, or should the Padres go back to their Brown roots?

Matt Vasgersian: I like both … I just hate how boring the current logo is. If I had to pick one I’d say go back to the Brown. For some reason I also did the late 90’s uni’s that had the Orange accents

Comment From VM Nate
What is your impression of the current Padres ownership so far?

Matt Vasgersian: they’ve said all the right things so I’m gonna say I like the way it’s going .. I realize the economics of the game are tough but until they do something about this they’ll be just like every other group that’s blown through town

Padres Payroll

Last 5 Seasons with ML Rank

2013 67.1M 26th
2012 55.2M 30th
2011 45.9M 27th
2010 37.8M 29th
2009 43.7M 29th

Comment From bp – lobshots
Thanks to my man Nate Purinton at MLB for this ..

what do you miss most about announcing with Mud? Last time I chatted with him, he call you a Sally boy.

Matt Vasgersian: Ha! I miss everything about that clown .. his humor, his energy … his inability to speak coherent sentences. He’s the best thing about that telecast.

Comment From John
When are you getting a twitter, MattyV?!

Matt Vasgersian: I don’t trust myself on it yet. Not to mention I feel like too much of the twitter world is ego stuff. Why would anyone possibly give a shit about the turkey sandwich I just ate .. and if I read another tweet from an athlete “giving props to my man ___” I’m gonna hurl in my mouth.

Comment From Will
What is the national perception of the Padres right now? Do you think this team can contend for a playoff spot this year?

Matt Vasgersian: the pads are like a national mystery .. what little the “national media” knows about the team is that Petcto Park is beautiful and that Tony Gwynn played there. It’s an eternal source of frustration for me .. and just when you start flying the flag for the west someone calls you a homer and it backs you off .. Having said that, our guys here like the team alot – the research department here in particular. Here’s one of their nuggets :

“Both Jedd Gyorko and Everth Cabrera are having breakout seasons…Gyorko had a .347 weighted on-base average (before getting put on the DL yesterday) while Cabrera’s wOBA is .345…both are better than Andrew McCutchen’s wOBA (.343) this season and top 30 in the NL.”

It’s a small note but this kind of thing indicates the interest the Pads have drummed up among us baseball nerds

Comment From Padres Jagoff
When you have a nice tri-tip coming off the grill, do you exclaim “Santa Maria!”?

Matt Vasgersian: Hahahaha … hell yes. I also scream it in restaurants and after I find a sweet deal at Target

Comment From Josh
What are some of your favorite minor league and major league ballparks you’ve visited?

Matt Vasgersian: In no particular order .. Safeco, Petco and AT&T … and in the minors I have a fond spot for the old Cohen Field in El Paso – I think it’s a parking lot now.

Comment From Padres Trail
There’s a lot of speculation on how long suspensions will be out of the Biogenesis PED story. What do you think the final answer will be?

Matt Vasgersian: I think MLB is gonna try to throw down the hammer. the interesting thing is going to be for a guy like Bartolo Colon who has already gotten popped once for 50 games. Will a link to biogenesis constitute a 2nd offense or will the players association be able to convince the league that the first offense and the biogenesis link is the same incident?

Comment From Beautown
Is it true you once starred in a music video back in 2003 and do you have any plans in participating in any other future music endeavors?

Matt Vasgersian: by the way sorry I type so slowly

Matt Vasgersian: if by “music video” you mean the time Mud used his blackberry to create a :10 second video of me inhaling a taco with some Rick Astley music in the background then yes, it’s true. It’s also true that a sequel is in the works .. likely involving falafel

Comment From Duane /
I know things are going great for you at MLB Network, but could you ever see yourself coming back to SD to work again?

Matt Vasgersian: Yes.

Sac Bunt Melvin: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment From Padres Jagoff

matt vasgersian king of kings






Just because I could.

Matt Vasgersian: Hahaha .. love it. Wonder if I could get that on my media credential

Comment From Tom
What is your take on the job Josh Byrnes has done? It seems to me the Latos trade has been a win for the Reds and Byrnes has done nothing to fill the void left in the rotation

Matt Vasgersian: I think Josh has done a great job. Getting and keeping Carlos Quentin has been huge and it’s one of the most club-friendly contracts in baseball. He (Quentin) single handedly holds the key to the Pads offense and I think Josh feels that way too.

The challenge is going to be what happens with Blanks once Yonder comes back. If Kyle is healthy there is no way they can afford to not give him 4 AB’s a night. He and Quentin make the Friar legit.

Comment From Axion
I, for one, am extremely interested in what sandwiches choices MattyV makes. And anything else he wants to share on Twitter.

Matt Vasgersian: I know I’d get in trouble on twitter. Without naming names I see it around me all the time. If I were independently wealthy and didn’t have to answer to an employer I’d be tweeting my ass off. Until then, I shall remain, respectfully twitter silent.

Comment From BK
MLB The Show is never complete without your voice, do you enjoy broadcasting for the game and do you plan on doing it for as long as possible? And I’m sure you play the game sooo who’s your team?

Matt Vasgersian: thanks for that .. I’m actually really proud of my involvement in that game because the people at Sony who put it together are absolute studs and the game is consistently right there with Madden as being among the top-rated sports games every year.

I play the A’s .. my childhood team. I just wish I could play it with personnel from the really bad post Finley’s Heroes A’s teams I loved. Something about batting Mickey Klutts cleanup in a video game that would give me great joy

Comment From John
what has been your favorite/most memorable game that you have announced?

Matt Vasgersian: Getting to do game 2 of last years ALDS between Oakland and Detroit was a thrill because after working in the big leagues since 1997 it was my first post season game.

I also remember a Pads-Mets game in 2006 when in his first appearance back at Shea Stadium Mike Piazza almost hit 3 HR .. the reception went from warm to cool after his first, cool to cold after his second, and borderline hostile when he just missed a third. Pretty cool stuff.

Comment From Padres Trail
What do you think of the new dimensions at Petco?

Matt Vasgersian: I guess they had to buckle and do it because too many players bitched about it and the team felt like the perception of a “dead HR park” may have hurt them in free agency.

Personally I liked it big. Nothing wrong with winning 2-1.

Comment From VM David
About how often do you get questions about the Sut interview? You and Mud handled it masterfully. Do you have that on your highlight reel?

Matt Vasgersian: that still come up alot. so awkward at the time. what people don’t know is the length Mud and I went to for that to go away. It was a non-story until a writer filed it on the AP wire. My big take away on that was that Sut said nothing offensive, or even remotely politically incorrect so why the fuss? Was what he said funny/drunken babble? absolutely

Geoff Young: Nicely said. Okay, folks, we’ve got time for two more.

Comment From Guest

vivacious vasgersians








Who needs an Emmy when there’s an award that bares your name. #VivaciousVasgersian Matt Vasgersian

Comment From Brett
What do you think about Chase Headley’s current struggles during a season that coould define his whole career?

Matt Vasgersian: Sweet. I’m emailing that to my agent so he can steal more of my money.

Matt Vasgersian: I think Chase is still going to get paid .. and I think he’ll snap out of this little funk of his before it costs him money. 3rd base isn’t what it used to be in terms of league-wide depth and if the Friar doesn’t pay him someone will .

RJ’s Fro: Last question

Comment From Al
Now that you are actively chatting on do you feel like you’ve finally made the big time?

Matt Vasgersian: I do .. and I look forward to doing it again .. One more thing to leave you with Friar Fans ..

Best Records in the NL
Dating Back to April 24th

Cardinals 29-14 .674
Pirates 26-17 .605
Reds 26-17 .605
PADRES 25-19 .568
D-Backs 25-19 .568

Sac Bunt Melvin: Thanks again to Matty V for being here and participating. We miss you in San Diego but are glad to see your success with the MLB Network. Whenever a Padre hits a home run we still hear you in our heads, “Santa Maria!”

Sac Bunt Melvin: And thanks to everyone for asking questions! We couldn’t get to all of them but we did our best to keep it fun.

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