Padres and Pints, the video series, RETURNS WITH A VENGEANCE!

The 19th episode takes you to the 2014 MLB Winter Meetings where we chat with Eno Sarris of FanGraphs (+BeerGraphs & the finest hair in the biz), Jonah Keri of Grantland (+Author de jour  & our 2nd Canadian!) and Chris Long Statistician Extraordinaire for a mystery MLB team (+formerly of the Padres).

We return to both Societe Brewing Co. (Episode 8) & Mission Brewery (Episode 14) and learn about the a tale of lost love, Red Stripe & Jamaica from Eno, the knock down drag out brawl Jonah witnessed while walking downtown San Diego, & bourbon and horse racing from Chris Long. Oh yeah, we talk about baseball & beer too!

It’s a long episode, however I had over 2 hours of footage I had to cut down. Also I wanted to get this out last week but AJ Preller went all “Terrier” on everyone, overhauled his entire roster in 2 days and sent me back to the drawing board.

We hope you enjoy!!

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Geoff Miller is the author of Intangibles: Big-League Stories and Strategies for Winning the Mental Game – In Baseball and in Life. He has worked with the Pirates and Nationals, and is currently the mental skills coach for the Atlanta Braves. A San Diego resident, Miller will be at Barnes & Noble in Grossmont Center on Sunday, October 12, at 2 p.m. to discuss his book. Find him online at or on Twitter at @WinningMindGEM.

Recently I had the chance to ask Miller a few questions via the magic of email. Here they are, along with his informative responses:

Son of a Duck: When people see “mental skills coach,” they may think you’re a psychologist, but that’s not quite right. What exactly does your job entail?

Geoff Miller: Yes, there is a difference between being a psychologist and employing methods of sport psychology. I prefer the term “mental skills coach,” as it’s important for me to make a distinction between the two fields. I work exclusively with athletes on understanding how to perform under pressure and learning what it takes to use all of their physical talents on a consistent basis in their sports. I don’t do any work involving clinical issues like depression, drug or alcohol addiction, relationship issues, or general mental health counseling. My role is educational and strategic rather than medical in nature and, in fact, a good deal of the work we do at my company is executive coaching. Mental skills coaching could be seen as “executive coaching” for athletes. There’s a big misconception that my work is usually about helping athletes when they have “problems,” but even if that misconception is about helping athletes when they are slumping, much more of my work is helping athletes understand how to be their best and teaching them ways to get to the top or stay at the top of their professions.

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Josh Stein Padres Assistant General ManagerJosh Stein, Assistant General Manager of the San Diego Padres started with the team as a law student in 2003. A graduate of La Jolla High School and UC Berkeley, the long-tenured member of the Padres front office has worked in many roles.

I had the awesome opportunity to meet with Josh last week at Petco Park. We chatted for about half an hour below a framed, white 1984 Tony Gwynn jersey hanging on his office wall. He talked about how the Padres combine statistics and scouting information in their decision making, how analytics have changed the sport, and the state of public sabermetrics.

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I can think of worse places to be on a Wednesday afternoon.

With an 8-2 Opening Day loss to the Lancaster JetHawks on Thursday night, this isn’t the quick start you’d expect the Lake Elsinore Storm or manager Jamie Quirk would have liked to get off to. But, as Quirk would likely tell you, even a loss is a learning experience to build for the future.

Before the Storm packed the buses for the two-hour trip north, Padres Public was able to catch up with the first-year manager and a handful of players at The Diamond in Lake Elsinore during Wednesday’s FanFest to see how things were shaping up for the 2014 season.

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I had the amazing opportunity to appear on the awesome new pre-game show, Padres Social Hour, last night along side the Godfather of RJ’s Fro, Randy Jones. I was there for the Taste of Petco Park food tour, which I’ll discuss in more detail tomorrow, and I was watching the show. Next thing I know Jesse Agler approached me and told me to come on down. I initially thought it was for a tour of the set but then quickly realized I was going to be on. Less than a minute later and we were rolling. A big thanks to Jesse, RJ & the Padres for having me on, it was a blast!

PS – Check out my slick new Padres throwback socks

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Andrew Cashner. He has a beard and throws a baseball 100 mph. And he also kills things with a bow.

During the month of March, have-nots, underachievers, and the down right terrible organizations generally have something in common: a sense of optimism. Their fans have it too. Even if these fans don’t think their team really has a chance there’s still an elemental need to look at things with a glass-half-full perspective. Without some sense of optimism, why bother?

At Padres Public this spring we’ve come together and made bold win predictions, thrown obscure names in the hat for an unlikely (some more likely) Spring Training Hero, and just yesterday Oscar tried to get a handle on what would constitute a successful Padres season. A lot of different opinions, some grounded in realism, others in optimism.

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Padres Executive Answers Questions About Andy Masur Decision

In case you haven’t heard, it was announced today that Andy Masur was let go from his play-by-play duties by the Padres. The team decided to not renew his contract. The news shocked Padres fans.

I reached out to Wayne Partello, the Padres’ new Chief Marketing Officer, for a quick interview via email about why this change was made and what was the plan for the immediate future.

Wayne Partello Chief Marketing Officer, San Diego Padres

Wayne Partello
Chief Marketing Officer, San Diego Padres

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In the Season 2 finale of Padres and Pints we met up with Professor Parks of Baseball Prospectus at the amazing Southpaw Social Club. It was a fun night of debauchery.

In this episode we grill the Professor on players such as Austin Hedges and Max Fried, find out who he thinks was the biggest loss in the Chicago Cubs raid of the Padres front office, talk about the Perfect Game All-American, get the definitions on all of the famous hashtags (get the shirts here) and put him through the Padres and Pints Rapid Fire.

We also chat with Patrick McGrath from Southpaw Social Club. This amazing place sits right outside Petco Park’s “Park at the Park” and has an amazing environment, great food, great drinks and great service. Don’t wait for the baseball season to start up again, this place is a MUST visit in San Diego.

Thanks for all the support in 2013 and we’ll be back in 2014 bigger and better than ever!

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We tracked down the very busy Ben Higgins of XTRA Sports 1360 “The World of Sports” and Channel 10 Sports for the latest Padres and Pints at the amazing Iron Fist Brewing Company in Vista, California. Due to the pure awesomeness of the content, it forced my old computer to crash, resulting in having to buy a new computer and delaying the release of the video. But it’s here finally!

Ben tells some fascinating stories about his grandparents and their strong ties to Padres Spring Training history and a famous surgery. Of course we talk about his many jobs, the Padres trade deadline deal of Ian Kennedy and his viral video super stardom as well.

We also chat with the Head Brewer at Iron Fist, Brandon Sieminski. He fills us in on their upcoming 3rd Anniversary event, some specialty beers they have in the works and the in’s and out’s of Iron Fist.

So sit back (preferably with an Iron Fist brew) and enjoy!


Channel 10 Sports XTRA


That’s a slick looking group in their Knockarounds

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