Bring out your inner swoon with the Prospect Stalker

I’m excited to announce a new feature at Padres Public, the Prospect Stalker!

Cory Spangenberg and Luis Domoromo

Because the farm system is the lifeblood of the Padres organization (cue flashbacks to fraternity rush), many of us enjoy following/crushing on our favorite team’s young talent as they develop skills before reaching the majors. And because these promising young players all play in different leagues, it becomes too much work keeping up with their progress throughout a long season as often as we’d like.

Thanks to the hard work of David Marver, the Prospect Stalker will make keeping up with an integral part of the Padres’ future easier and more enjoyable. Expect weekly updated stats from all Each of Jeff’s 25 top prospects in one place, without having to wade through non-prospects or stats that aren’t all that useful (pitcher W-L record says hello!).

Details are still being worked out regarding the best way to publish this data, but check out the current iteration of the Prospect Stalker and feel free to make any suggestions.

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  • Any suggestions on statistics to track, presentation, etc. let me know. I was thinking of some sort of “hot or cold” proprietary stat where we can compare their recent games to their season totals, but haven’t figured out the best way to do so.

    Also, we could add players and give them a null ranking, and add a ‘Notes’ column to explain the DL players, etc. which could just lift their roster status from milb.

    • In the “add players” category, I’d like to see guys on the 40-man roster; always interested in how they’re doing. Maybe instead of null ranking, they could have 40. Or, conveniently, rankings 26-40, since the prospect list stops at 25.

  • Cool stuff. One correction though is that it should be Rodney Daal and not Rodney Deal.

  • Kudos, much appreciated. One thing I’d find useful (I think) would be sortable column headings. OTOH, I can cut-n-paste into a spreadsheet if need be.

    • Melvin

      Thanks, yeah that’s a future plan

  • Did you include GB% just for Roach’s sake?

  • Melvin

    To me the main benefit for this is its simplicity. If I want a full spreadsheet of every stat available for every player there are lots of places for that.

  • Melvin

    I also have to say it felt weird not being invited to Padres preview night and sitting at home working on this, a better way to follow the team. WIth David Marver no less.

    • Medal of Honor, for both of youse.

      • Melvin

        I wouldn’t argue with a Purple Heart.

  • Swinging Friar

    I don’t see a number 3 ranked prospect or batting average stat? I am on my I pad so maybe that has something to do with it

    • #3 graduated to the big league team.

      • Swinging Friar

        Gyroko,makes sense,I was thinking the prospect rankings were updated.