With the World Series upon us, Padres fans can’t help but dream: What does our team need to do to make it to the top? This is an exciting question, one that will undoubtedly fuel our conversations through the fall and winter months.

My internet-friend, Mickey Koke, suggested the following just the other day:

Giancarlo Stanton patrolling right field at Petco Park is something any Padres fan can dream on through the winter months. Stanton is young (not yet 24), talented (14.8 career WAR), cheap ($537K), controllable (through 2017) and ridiculously good looking (ridiculously) – he’s the total package.

However, because Giancarlo Stanton is the total package, our dream would quickly devolve into a nightmare.

To obtain the rights to Giancarlo Stanton the first thing the Padres would need to surrender is #1 prospect Austin Hedges.

The Austin Hedges written about by the Vocal Minority’s Nate on Monday – gone forever. The Austin Hedges described as an 80 grade defender behind the plate for years to come by Padres Prospects on Tuesday – congratulations, bye-bye. The Austin Hedges salivated upon by Baseball Prospectus’ Jason Parks as a potential vacation date to the mountains of Mexico on the most recent Padres and Pints – yeah, you get the picture.

But it wouldn’t just take Austin Hedges going east to make such a trade happen – it would only begin with Hedges. This is how I see such a trade materializing.

The Padres would also need to package either their system’s #3 prospect (LHP Max Fried) or #8 prospect (RHP Matt Wisler) and only then would the terms of the trade begin to get crazy:

Yonder Alonso: Alonso’s Cuban heritage and Miami roots would play well in a Marlins uniform and it would fill a void at first base where Logan Morrison’s only true tool is twitter humor.

Eric Owens copyrights: All of the faux-dirt-stained give away t-shirts issued to commemorate the former hustling Padre would need to be collected and returned to Tony Gwynn Drive to be destroyed. Eric Owens would immediately receive induction into the Marlins Pantheon of Gritty Players, acknowledged through the issue of an orange faux-dirt-stained give away t-shirt.

Cuban Sandwiches: San Diego would receive a cease and desist order on the sale of carne asada at all local outlets and taco shops. The resulting carne asada vacuum would be filled with a taste of Miami: The Cuban sandwich. The Cubano is a fantastic taste of life but the loss of carne asada could be the piece of grilled meat that broke the camel’s back, or, something like that.

Mark Kotsay: Kotsay would be sent to Florida where he would enter the coaching ranks with the team that drafted him out of Cal State Fullerton in 1996. Mark Kotsay’s wife Jaime would be required in the deal as would all Kotsay tacos still remaining from the 2013 season. The Kotsay children would stay in San Diego.

Miami Sound Machine: The music of Miami Sound Machine would be played exclusively, and in perpetuity, inside all Petco Park restrooms. An option would vest in 2015 whereupon the legendary ’80s music would become mandatory after home Padres wins thus replacing Pennywise’s Bro Hymn.

Breakfasttown: San Diego would officially release all rights to the moniker created by former club CEO, Tom Garfinkel. The slogan would be remanded to its rightful creator, Mr. Garfinkel, at Miami Dolphins headquarters so that he could utilize as he sees fit.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Breakfasttown?

Prospect rankings courtesy of the Baseball Prospectus 2013 Futures Guide.


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  • Emptying any and all top prospects for Stanton would be great if it were only about gaining top talent. But unloading Hedges, Fried, etc. for him means that the Padres are giving up years of team control and the chance to lock in those potential impact players at below-market rates. That ship has almost certainly sailed with Stanton. It also presupposes that unloading those players means they have enough resources to compete with Stanton during that time, which I’d argue would be difficult to do when thinning the system of impact players (in a system primarily built on depth) and taking on a large financial commitment.

    Plus, Stanton isn’t a pitcher. I’d argue that, while talented, Stanton is hardly the big piece the Padres need to compete right now.

    • …and, seriously, for shame for even offering up Hedges on the trade block. FOR SHAME.

      • Three words: Miami. Sound. Machine.

      • SDPads1

        What’s the opposite of an erection? Because I got that when I read the title of this post.

  • Mike

    Don’t even threaten Carne Asada. DON’T YOU DARE!

    • I ate a California burrito for dinner last night so writing this post was not easy.

  • Drew Tweedie

    Stanton is a bit of an injury concern at this point, Miami is definitely going to have to throw in the sculpture in CF to make this trade work.

  • padresfansince1969

    My dream is to trade for David Price … and I’d certainly to Alonso + Hedges for Price …

  • Dude

    What has Yonder Alonso done?

  • ballybunion

    Hedges is a deal-killer. The strength of the Padres going forward is going to be that steady stream of young pitching, and for that to translate to contention you need a first class catcher. Do you think those Cardinals power arms don’t benefit from pitching to Yadier Molina? Do you think the Big Red Machine’s pitching had nothing to do with Johnny Bench, he was just a hitter? Is it a coincidence that the Yankees’ pennnt run from the late ’40s to the early ’60s began a year after Yogi arrived, and ended a year after he left?

    Stanton isn’t the player you build around, NOBODY is. You build a solid team first, THEN bring in or up the keystone. The Padres aren’t ready for that keystone player just yet, and Stanton might not be that guy. More likely, Hedges is that guy, and they already have him.