The Irony of Celebrating 1984

We’ve come to that special time of the season when the Chicago Cubs visit San Diego and we Padres fans get to travel back in time to a quaint little year called 1984. A special time in our collective memories. A time when the Padres were good and Chevy Chase was still funny. How time changes everything. Despite the Padres woeful offensive performance of late, fans still have 1984 to hold on to for a small piece of sanity.

The Cubs arrive for a four game visit beginning today and it marks the 30th anniversary of the historic season in which the Padres finally climbed out of the cellar. For those of you old enough to remember, 1984 is perhaps one of the few moments of grace present in your fanhood.

Do you remember where you were when Steve Garvey hit that amazing HR in game 4? Boy I sure do. I was at home. In Chicago, Illinois! I was a HUGE Cubs fan! And my young heart had been torn out. Stomped on! I HATED the Padres! What’s a PADRE??? NO, NO, NO!!! We finally had a chance!!! We were up two games to zero!! Yes! I said WE! I was a child and that’s allowed! GAHHHHHHH!!!

Yet here I am.  It is the year 2014 of the Common Era, and what do I do when the Cubs come to town? I cheer against them. But more importantly I cheer for the Padres. And I revel in 1984 because it makes others happy. And because this is my home.

Enjoy the series.


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  • Axion

    you’re allowed to say “we” when you refer to you and the team you’re rooting for even as an adult.