The Benefits of Staying up Late to Watch a Padres Game

Last night, as Bud Black’s bench options dwindled, fans sat back and wondered: Is there any possible way that the injured Carlos Quentin and Everth Cabrera could pitch in to help the cause?

A legitimate piece of wonderment sparked an episode of genius when Josh Smith asked:

This provided me the opportunity to point out that:

And then came Brilliance Part One:

The last time the Padres played in San Francisco, Kelly Crull fought the bitter Bay winds, leading me to make a Tauntaun reference. I requested that the internet provide me with a photo-shop of that, which engulfed my mind – Kelly Crull seeking refuge in the warmth of a Tauntaun carcass. Ask and ye shall receive. @RallyPlantain came to the rescue and did not disappoint.

Knowing with certainty that his current assignment required the skills of @RallyPlantain I made my plea . . .

And then came Brilliance Part Two:

Neither Carlos Quentin nor Everth Cabrera have hit the disabled list as of yet . . . so I’m saying . . . there’s a chance we could see this tonight?

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