Sometimes you just have to tip your cap

Last night the Padres lost another game (7-1), this time to the Milwaukee Brewers, who dropped 5 runs on Jason Marquis in the top of the first inning. Worse than Marquis’ performance was another night of futility at the bat for the Padres who have now scored 1 run in the last 30 innings.

Over the last few years we’ve heard Bud Black utter the following on far more occasions than we would like: “Sometimes you just have to tip your cap. He pitched well.”

Unfortunately we usually hear such a phrase after the most mediocre pitcher in the league rolls through town. Last night it was Kyle Lohse. Now, Lohse is a good pitcher. He’s alright. A veteran who knows what he’s doing. I liked how Jedd Gyorko tipped his cap to Lohse last night:

“I don’t think he’s going to wow anybody with his stuff, he just knows how to pitch,”

I like that Jedd Gyorko, as a rookie, has enough confidence to call it like he sees it – and to throw a jab in while tipping his cap. And to also say that Kyle Lohse is a no-good junk-baller!*

*It was a crappy game and I’m grasping at straws here.

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  • Gyorko also mangled Lohse’s pinky–with his jersey, no less–keeping the Padres-as-pitcher-maimers aura alive.