Run, Rymer, Run

rymerlirianoLast January Baseball Prospectus rated Rymer Liriano as the number 2 prospect in the Padres system behind Austin Hedges. He was described as a player with all 5 tools and the potential to become a first division player.

Shortly after the BP ranking, Liriano tore his elbow while throwing, had Tommy John surgery, and consequently missed the 2013 season. It was a disappointing piece of news for fans who follow the farm system closely and even more so for fans who may have witnessed Rymer Liriano play in Peoria, Fort Wayne, Lake Elsinore, or San Antonio. Rymer Liriano is physical and the young Dominican stands out to even the most casual observer.

Yesterday we witnessed Rymer Liriano drive a pitch that looked like it might hit the wall on a line at the Peoria Sports Complex but it fell short, caught by the Mariners CF. It was a relief to see the youngster crawl back into our consciousness.

Today we watched Rymer Liriano back on the field and, while I am not a scout, I wanted to share an observation of Rymer Liriano and what he looks like while running.

Rymer Liriano is violent. A fast player with top flight speed, his movements are choppy and powerful.

When he begins to run it looks as if an angel whispered into his ear providing him a message of encouragement. A message that a scant 90 feet away a brick wall awaits the 6’0″ 210 lb outfielder. And it is behind this brick wall there exists an opportunity available only to him. If he can generate the necessary power to shatter the wall he can save humanity beginning with his poor countrymen in the Dominican Republic including but not limited to the destitute orphan children who haven’t eaten a balanced meal in a fortnight. And so Rymer Liriano begins to run, his legs fighting earth. Rymer Liriano does not fly – he powers down the baseline.


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