Rapid Fire with Andy Masur

Last Wednesday Padres and Pints reunited at the Mission Brewery to be a part of Knockaround Sunglasses’  promotional event for their Friday evening give away. In addition to getting a first hand look at the sunglasses, Rick of RJ’s Fro sat down with Knockaround’s owner, Ace Moyer. But there was more! Padres radio broadcaster, Andy Masur, stopped by to talk a little baseball with us and a few other Padres fans.

For those who have watched Padres and Pints before, you might recall the closing scene of each episode, a segment we call . . . Rapid Fire!!!

Rapid Fire consists of questions that I create which, for the most part, are intended to catch the guest off guard thus producing a fit of laughter. The questions tend to be connected closely to the guest but there’s no reason you can’t give each query a go as well.

So while Rick edits the video go ahead and wonder in starry-eyed amazement how Andy will answer the following questions from . . . Rapid Fire!!!

Rapid Fire w/ Andy Masur

1.) Excluding the fine ales of Mission Brewery – What is your favorite craft brew in San Diego County?

2.) You went to Bradley University in Peoria Illinois, correct? Peoria is the oldest European settlement in Illinois and the name Peoria comes from the Native word “pim-e-ti-we” meaning:

A. “fat hill”
B. “fat lake”
C. “fat chance the Cubs ever win a World Series!”

3.) You’re back in your hometown of Chicago on a Padres road-trip and you want to show Kelly Crull from Fox Sports San Diego how to properly order a hotdog, Windy City style. What do you put on it?

4.) The John Hughes film that best encapsulates Chicago?

5.) Your favorite mid 1980s Chicago Blackhawks player?

6.) The first thing that comes to mind when you see the following: #Nor

7.) A more impressive bronze hue:

A. Tony Gwynn’s “Mr. Padre” statue.
B. Colonel Jerry Coleman’s Aviator monument.
C. Ted Leitner’s ever-youthful skin.

How did you answer? How do you think Chicago native, Andy Masur answered?

Stay tuned for the accompanying video of Padres and Pints, which may or may not be posted before December 15th, 2014.

I contribute to Padres Public on Thursday mornings and when I’m feeling particularly inspired. I can also be found on twitter at @AvengingJM where I write derogatory things about the playing time Will Venable receives, 7 days a week.

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  • SDPads1

    I’m not editing anything on this one…this is all Knockaround.

  • Not touching #7 with a 10-gallon bottle of Avon liquid tan…