Ramblings: This Was a Long Week

So, some stuff went down recently. Quite a bit of stuff, actually. Stuff that made some people angry, and others very happy. Let’s get into it.

  • I would love to unleash a Bud Black take so hot that not even the White Walkers would be able to put out, but Dustin over at The Sac Bunt, as usual, wrote a terrific post on Buddy that I mostly agree with. There’s not much more that needs to be said. He had eight plus years, and even though  he mostly had shitty rosters, you can still show traits of being a quality manager even with a terrible collection of talent (i.e. Joe Maddon’s early Tampa years).
  • The one moment of Bud’s tenure that will always stick out and piss me off to no end happened his first year with the Padres. It was the end of the season at Milwaukee, and they had to beat the Brewers to secure a playoff spot. Instead of throwing Jake Peavy, the best goddamn pitcher on the planet at the time, on short rest, Bud saved him for a *POTENTIAL* one game playoff in Colorado. I mean what the fuck, Bud. Why not go balls out to try and avoid a single-game elimination at MOTHERFUCKING COORS FIELD. That trash Rockies team made it to the World Series and got destroyed because they were a trash team. Who knows if we would’ve beaten the Red Sox, but I liked our chances better considering we had the BEST FUCKING PITCHER ON THE PLANET AT THE TIME. Whatever I’m over it. I wish Bud the best wherever he lands.
  • Wil Myers should not play again until he’s fully healthy. If he misses the rest of the season, so be it. He’s way too important to dick around with. BTW, was Bud authorized to take Myers off the DL? I’ve always assumed that was the GM’s call, after consulting with doctors of course. Whoever gave the OK fucked up big time.
  • Basically what I want from Pat Murphy is for the bunting to end and for him to not bury young players for no goddamn reason. If he does that and gives me ideas for lame jokes on Twitter then we’ll be good.
  • Spang the last two weeks: .308/.349/.385 with a 117 OPS+. I get the feeling some think that wanting Gyorko to be the everyday second baseman meant wanting Spang to fail, which could not be farther from the truth. I love Spangin’ as much as the next guy. I’d Spang in public if it wasn’t a felony. If he can get on base and cause hell on the bases he’ll be a really useful player. Plus, have you seen that smile?
  • If batting Melvin leadoff is gonna get him going, then I’m all for it, especially if he can still go get it in the outfield. Plus Venable’s still there (when is he fucking not?) in case MUpton reverts to Atlanta Braves MUpton.
  • I’ve seen just about enough of Andrew Cashner.
  • If Murph doesn’t go up to Craig Kimbrel after another blown game and asks “What’s the most you’ve ever lost in a coin toss?” then I just don’t know what AJ Preller saw in him.
  • There’s been a lot hate and anger directed towards the site in recent days. Normally I wouldn’t care because the people saying these things are shit heel dumb fucks with less baseball intelligence than a tomato are easy to ignore. But from time to time you get pulled into these long arguments that make you want to stab yourself in the face repeatedly with a rusty toothbrush go on forever. I hate those type of arguments because the people on the other end can get fucked they’re so petty. So please, in the future, leave me out of your dumb as fuck arguments. KTHXBYE.

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