Ramblings: Planning and Doing

The last time I attempted to write a blog post was just after the end of the Padres season. I wanted to write a recap of another shitty season, but couldn’t stop typing “fuck” so I scrapped it and decided to wait for the trades. It’s mid-December now, and the Padres have made plenty of moves, kind of.

  • The Padres started the offseason as clearly the fourth best team in the division, but the gap now between us and the Diamondbacks is bigger than [insert your porn joke here]. Holy fuck, we are screwed. Like, majorly fucking screwed. I get not wanting to be reactionary and staying with the plan but Jesus Christ make a move, Arthur John.
  • What is the plan, anyway? And don’t fucking say “rebuilding while contending.” That’s replaced “spending just to spend” as my way of knowing you’re an asshole. I get that the Padres were never going to get the top guys (even though they probably could because they totes have the money). Missing out on the best free agents is one thing; them signing with a division rival is another, the latter firmly placing the Padres in the “fucked” column for who knows how long.
  • Fine, let’s say they are rebuilding while contending, or contending while rebuilding or whatever the fuck they want to call it. If they’re going to trade high-priced players, like they’ve done with Kimbrel and Gyorko (lol), they have to get high-upside players in return, like they did with Manual Margot and Javy Guerra. If you’re going to go this route, you better be ready to spend money, and they haven’t.
  • I really wouldn’t have had a problem with anything they’ve done so far if they hadn’t insisted on pushing the “contending” narrative. Why this organization is so terrified of the word “rebuild” I’ll never know. And I’m not talking about doing what the Astros did. I would’ve been fine restocking the farm with Preller’s guys. I wouldn’t have minded seeing the young guys, whatever ones they still have, play a full season. They probably would’ve sucked, but who cares! They always suck, and it’s fine so long as there is a plan in place and they follow through with it.
  • I keep going back to the plan and thinking of Jed Hoyer and all he’s accomplished with the Cubs. What I loved about Jed, besides his cheekbones, was that he had a clear plan to help turn the Padres into a sustainable, consistent contender. AND IT WAS FUCKING WORKING. Lemme give you a list of guys acquired by Jed Hoyer and Jason McLeod: Anthony Rizzo, Joe Ross, Austin Hedges, Cam Maybin, Jedd Gyorko, Cory Spangenberg, Matt Wisler. Not bad for two years of work. The Padres were on the right path, finally. Then it all went to hell, and here we are again.
  • Maybe the Padres are planning on spending on free agents. There are still plenty of guys still available, and, again, the Padres have money. One of the most annoying things of the offseason is this sense that we should just trust them. They know what they’re doing, according to them. That’s great. I’m glad they’re confident in themselves. But the Giants signed Cueto, the DBacks got Shelby Miller, and the Dodgers have the money and prospects to land an ace (or two). Three other teams in the division are set up for playoff runs for the next several years. YEARS. Either accept reality, and take rebuilding seriously, or throw your fucking hat in the ring and make a move.
  • Lemme just say that I’m big fan of the new unis, especially the new home whites. It’s too bad they’re only going to be used for one year. Hopefully they find a way to keep it in circulation. It’s dope.

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