POLL: The Padres over the Remaining Fifty Games

When yesterday’s game against the Orioles began the Padres had a very nice, clean, and even 50 games remaining on their schedule. Such symmetry, coupled with the simultaneous loss of shortstop and lead-off man Everth Cabrera, prompted me to ask the following question:

I know that’s a horribly dire prediction but let’s examine some simple truths . . .

  • The Padres have a gaping hole at shortstop. I think Nate of the Vocal Minority pointed out last night that the Padres will be fielding 3 third basemen in the infield for a good part of the next 50 games. Yikes!
  • The Padres have a gaping hole at the top of the batting order. One of the best improvements to Everth Cabrera’s game this year was the ability to work a pitcher and earn a walk. With Cabby gone the OBP of prospective lead-off men plummets. And let’s be honest – Will Venable will be doing the majority of work at the top of the order. Yikes!!
  • Where’s the power? Part Un. Carlos Quentin looks like he may be heading to the disabled list or best case scenario he’ll just continue to sit on the bench with a sore knee and a steely gaze. Yikes!!!
  • Where’s the power? Part Deux. Where is Kyle Blanks? Seriously. I’m worried. Yikes!!!!
  • Jedd Gyorko forgot to hit. Yik – aw f*ck!!!!

I just gave you a laundry list of reasons why the Padres will suck over the next 50 games and I didn’t even mention the pitching. Maybe Ian Kennedy saves the team down the stretch ensuring a middle round draft pick with limited upside out of a South Eastern Conference university? Your guess is as good as mine.

Here’s what my informal poll yielded last night:

@scottcolson: 0-50

@bcline760: 10-40

Me: 18-32

@SanteeDave5150: 19-31

@Tony_Losoya: 19-31

@CornfedFriar: 20-30

@terrysteffen: 20-30

@grundonlaw: 22-28

@sateayam: 22-28

@taterz1021: 25-25

@padrefan858: 28-22

@LeftCoastBias: 28-22

@FootballCharge: 49-1

@refriedgringo: 50-0

So there you have it. A range of complete pessimism (0-50) to blind optimism (50-0) with a sprinkling of oh we’re totally f*cked and a dash of it ain’t so bad.

What say you?

[polldaddy poll=7305351]

Feel free to specify the exact record and why in the comments section.


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  • stickman0287


    The strength of the Padres this season hasn’t been a single player, but the ability to be able to plug and play with everyone in the right combination. Bud Black has shown he can do it before, and I think he will continue to do so. It is a pretty big blow for Cabrera to be gone, but I still think they will put together a good run to the end of the season.

    • Tanned Tom

      “strength of the Padres this season” ? Hahahahahahaha! Oh man I almost wet myself laughing. This team bites, AND just lost it’s two best players to the DL and a drug suspension. Oh yea, they’re going 26-23, which by the way does not add up to 50.

  • SDPads1

    23-27 Because #Kevin

  • The Padres are 0-2 since I put things on the record. So, yea, sorry.

  • ItsDis

    21-29, and probably in true Padres fashion, just good enough to avoid a decent draft pick.

  • redmeansrun

    20-30 or 21-29. Without table setter Cabrera chances are less likely that Padres score early and first which it seems like they need to do to win. I would like to see Gyorko rested some with Amarista at Second and hitting second in order.