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  • SDPads1

    Clean/hard nosed play.

  • HH

    There was a force out at home, so it made no sense for him to slide. I therefore conclude: Bush league, though likely not malicious.

    • But the slide is what allows him to break up the DP. I think the issue is the altering of the slide.

  • But that’s the thing, Geoff. Live it just looks like a tough play – a guy trying to ensure that there’s no double play. It’s when you slow it down where it looks weird. Nobody slides with two feet forward. But if you wanted to jar a ball loose or stop the double play it’s a pretty good strategy. I would equate it to a barrel-roll slide into second base which is a play that is generally frowned upon.

    • Nathan Veale

      It doesn’t seem to matter to me. If he slides one foot or two, the bottom foot is the one that will slide into Grandal and cause his injury. That brings us back to the slide, which any Padres player would have done in the same situation. It’s a “clean” play. I don’t particularly think it should be legal, because the potential for injury is so much greater than on a raised base, but that’s a different matter.

    • Geoff Hancock

      I’ll say this as well. No one on the Padres reacted to the play as if it were dirty. I think that’s telling. It’s a weird slide, no question. But I don’t think it was malicious or with any other intent other than to break up a double play. Interestingly you point out a barrel-roll. He could have simply ran straight into him to try and jar the ball loose and that would have been considered clean. The rules around home plate have never made sense to me.

      • The player reaction is good enough for me.

      • Geoff Hancock

        Player being Grandal?

  • I vote for hard-nosed big league bullsh*t. That’s a choice, right?

  • Geoff Hancock

    Put another way, if the play doesn’t result in a season ending injury does anyone consider it a dirty play? Because if it’s a dirty play it’s dirty regardless of the result. I think a lot of this is emotion from having likely lost Grandal for the season. Which is understandable.

  • Punk Rendon

    There is no reason to slide into a catchers leg that way. It’s a cheap shot. Specially that Grandal was not looking at the runner. He will get inured by someone else… The balance of nature…