My Experience with a Radio – And Jerry Coleman

There have many great tributes to the late Jerry Coleman this week on this site. They all include some variation of meeting the Colonel in person or a special baseball memory that will stay with them forever. I never met the Colonel,  nor was I ever in his presence. As I said on Twitter, the only memory I have of Jerry is a crappy radio and his voice. So here goes.

In 2006, my cable temporarily went. Fucking tragic, right? How was I supposed to live without cable, and, more importantly, how was I supposed to watch the Padres? Nervous and terrified that I might not be able to watch my favorite team, I jumped on the Internet searching for answers (I’m the worst). Nope, there was no feed online that would let me watch the games. “Bullshit,” I thought. The next day I had conversation with my dad, and told him of my horrible ordeal. I had no cable. There was no way to watch the games. Life was not worth living. “Why don’t you just listen to them on the radio,” he said. He explained how he’d catch the Spanish broadcast on his way home from work. He’d listen to most of the pre-game stuff then an inning or two. By the time he got home, he was all caught up with the game.

So I jumped back on the Internet, went to the Padres website and got the info – XX 1090. I didn’t know what to expect, mainly because all I kept thinking was “People really do this??” They do, and for good reason. There was Ted Leitner and Jerry Coleman, the Colonel. The constant bickering was hilarious. According to Ted, every Padres player was an All-Star. Everybody had pretty good speed on the base-paths, according to Jerry.

Aside from attending a few games, listening on the radio was my only way of following the team. I mean, I didn’t have Twitter or a Smartphone, and I’d like to see you battle three other women for the computer. Still, it was enough for me. Despite what he’s become today, Ted always did an amazing job of describing the scenery of the game. His chemistry with the Colonel made listening to the games special.

Our cable would come back in August. What was I gonna do? Abandon Jerry and Ted after they’ve made the season so awesome for me? I couldn’t. I decided to watch the games on mute, with the radio by my side. Matty V and Mud would have to wait until next season.

That’s my favorite Colonel moment, the 2006 season. I’ve enjoyed reading everyone else’s.


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