Musings and Conspiracy Theories for an Off-Day

The Padres are off today and I think this is a good thing. They’ve lost three two in a row and I have things I have to get done, so yeah, let’s take a day off.

Here are a few things on my mind.

Burch Smith started three games and failed to bat in two of them. Did you hear me? He was out of the game before his first turn in the order. TWICE!

Last night, I noticed that Burch’s fastball didn’t appear the same as it did during that magical first inning against the Rays in his debut. Jason Cole of Lone Star Dugout and Baseball Prospectus noted the following last night:



Guess it wasn’t time for the big Texan. I hope to see him again, he seems like he’s a good kid.

Over the last four games, Alexi Amarista has entered the game during the 7th inning or later three times. In one of those games he did not bat but in the other two he collected two hits in each game. That’s like twice the number of hits as Nick Hundley has in his last 40 or so at-bats.

According to Bill Center:

I’m out of page views so I can’t read Center’s article but I think the tweet says it all. Jedd Gyorko seems good. I wonder if the Padres’ front office is thinking . . .

I’ve been given Will Venable a lot of sh*t lately. Maybe I’m being unfair, I don’t know. I’m not saying the guy should get shipped to parts unknown, only that he shouldn’t be batting second. Anyways, Bud Black went on the radio with Craig Elsten this week and mentioned how hot Venable has been recently. Lets look at Venable’s homestand against Washington and St. Louis:


Wow. That’s quite the slash-line for our number two batter. If you look at his BAbip you’ll see that it’s a paltry .100, which would seem to suggest a bit of bad luck. At least that’s what the untrained eye would see. I see a lot of weak ground balls to the pitcher and second baseman.

But Will Venable did have 2 HRs during the week.

In the interest of fairness I need to call attention to Chris Denorfia’s base running last night. Norf got doubled-up after a looping flyball was grabbed by Carlos Beltran and then relayed to first base. It was terrible. It was . . . #Norf?

I believe Fox asked the question last night during the telecast but I’m going to ask it again. Who hits more HRs this year? Currently the standings look like this:

  1. Will Venable (7)
  2. Yonder Alonso (6)
  3. Jedd Gyorko (5)
  4. Chase Headley (4)
  5. Carlos Quentin (4)
  6. Kyle Blanks (3)
  7. Yasmani Grandal (-)

My vote is for Gyorko. I say he hits 22.

Kyle Blanks is playing against the most favorable match-ups for him so they can boost his numbers and make him look more desirable to potential suitors come July. I am not a conspiracy theorist. But this is my conspiracy theory.

Enjoy your off-day.

I contribute to Padres Public on Thursday mornings and when I’m feeling particularly inspired. I can also be found on twitter at @AvengingJM where I write derogatory things about the playing time Will Venable receives, 7 days a week.

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  • Not to nitpick but I believe they’ve only lost 2 in a row. They beat St. Louis in the opener of this series.

  • Patrick

    What do you think the chances are that Blanks gets flipped for a mediocre pitcher in July if we are around 6 games back?

  • Turbopan

    Smith just isn’t ready. Stick him back into the oven.