Media: Yasmani Grandal and Jerry Tarkanian – alike, yet so different?

There will be no scenarios featuring the Aztec god of war and sacrifice, Huitzilopochtli. In an effort to purify the corrupt souls of San Diego’s ball players I will not introduce Tlaloc, Aztec god of rain and water. The Gate Keeper of Gozer? She will not be featured either.

No cleverness today. I just have a question and perhaps you can help me find the answer.

Yesterday, we discussed expectations of the media and what constitutes fair criticism of them. At the risk of beating a dead horse I must present to you a quote analyzed here at Padres Public last week. It has bearing on our discussion today.

On February 11th, the U-T’s Nick Canepa wrote:

“But doing most of the damage is Yasmani Grandal, who after coming on strong at the end of the year seemed set to be the team’s starting catcher for years. But he got himself busted for taking PEDs and will miss the first 50 games of the season, and that’s if the organization takes him back at all, which it shouldn’t because he absolutely screwed this team [emphasis, mine].

We are each entitled to our own opinion. If Nick Canepa wants to elevate the standards by which we judge athletes then more power to him. To hold all to higher ethical standards is a laudable cause.

Five days later Nick Canepa wrote a column about former basketball coach Jerry Tarkanian and the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame. Jerry Tarkanian has nothing to do with the Padres. But go ahead and read it. It has bearing on our discussion today.

On February 16th, the U-T’s Nick Canepa wrote:

“But in his race for induction into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame, time, with myopic, holier-than-thou do-gooder-hypocrites [emphasis mine] setting the pace, always has passed him by.

Tark’s overall record was 729-201. Only four coaches have a higher lifetime winning percentage. His biggest problem was that the NCAA never got off his back, until he won a court settlement. His other problem was that he was too nice a guy. Maybe he didn’t always play by the rules. Oh, and everybody else did and has, including many already in the Hall [emphasis mine].”

Does anyone else see an issue with logical consistency in these two columns?

To say that Jerry Tarkanian didn’t play by the rules is a gross understatement (Here’s a Tarkanian timeline that doesn’t even include his time at Fresno State). Why is Jerry Tarkanian held to a different standard than Yasmani Grandal?

In our media discussion yesterday Geoff Young lamented the loss of San Diego’s second newspaper (North County Times), absorbed a short time ago by the U-T. I too lament this loss. Without competition in the marketplace, ideas and opinions are allowed to become lazy.

Am I off-base here?

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