Matt Vasgersian Says Nice Things About Padres Public on the Darren Smith Show

Yesterday I had the good fortune of driving around aimlessly for the better part of an hour. I say good fortune because it put me in the window of Darren Smith’s show (12-3 pm on the Mighty 1090) which I don’t get to listen to nearly enough. I was excited to hear Darren interview Matt Vasgersian who, incidentally, was kind enough to take part in a live chat with us here at Padres Public last week.

As Darren and Matty V finished discussing the peculiarly small size of Scott Kaplan’s head and the horse-like appearance of Billy Ray Smith they broke into a discussion about Padres Public and the live chat that occurred here last week. Whoa . . .

From the mouth of Matt Vasgersian:

There is a . . . uh . . . actually, fantastic blog . . .

Matty V says other things as well but allow me to bask in that compliment for awhile. A compliment like that completely justifies the times I’ve woken up at 4:30 AM to write about the sacrificial rites of the Aztec and the naming rights to my daughters’ pet fish.

Cool, now let’s explore slogan possibilities for the very first Padres Public t-shirt:

Matt Vasgersian thinks Padres Public is fantastic and smells great.

Matt Vasgersian likes Padres Public just the way we are.

Matt Vasgersian doesn’t think Padres Public sucks.

Matt Vasgersian would bring Padres Public home to his mother if there just weren’t so many of us and social mores didn’t frown upon it.

So many ideas. Santa Maria!


During Darren’s show, Jordan Carruth discussed condensing the highlights of the show into an hour podcast which would be available to listeners at 3:01 PM each day*. The working title of the podcast would be called D-60. IN FAVOR!

*The availability time is my idea. I don’t know if it will actually happen.

I contribute to Padres Public on Thursday mornings and when I’m feeling particularly inspired. I can also be found on twitter at @AvengingJM where I ponder Jason Marquis’ legitimacy, 7 days a week.

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