Josh Byrnes, Max Fried, and a Modest Request to Darren Smith

Today while listening to Padres General Manager Josh Byrnes speak with Darren Smith on the Mighty 1090 the conversation bounced from a weird type of ball game played by front office personnel, then to Chase Headley‘s calf, before finally settling in to my main concern this spring – Max Fried‘s tender forearm.

Darren asked Byrnes about his initial reaction to news from the trainers that something was up with Fried’s forearm/elbow and the GM said this:

“Yeah, I mean it’s been a lot the last few years and you kinda just keep waiting for the worm to turn and obviously, ya know, we’ve changed a few things with how we train and how we treat but . . .”

Wait, wait, wait. That’s gold right there.

I could be wrong but that admission from Josh Byrnes feels like the first time the Padres have acknowledged a change in training regimens for their pitchers/players. In light of recent UCL surgeries to the elbows of Juan Oramas, Cory Luebke (twice), Rymer Liriano, Joe Wieland, and Casey Kelly it would make sense that the Padres have taken a hard look at how their players train.

With the rash of elbow issues over the last two seasons I think most fans are curious about what types of proactive measures the Padres are taking to keep young arms on the field.

So I have a modest request for Darren Smith: Please ask Josh Byrnes to clarify how the Padres have “changed a few things with how [they] train”?

** UPDATE **

The following exchange occurred yesterday:


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