IT IS NOT A HASSLE!!! – From Time Warner to AT&T, Part 2

The Padres now have 2 games under their belt and it is my sincere hope that, despite the results in New York, you still love baseball. And for that matter, you still care about the Padres too. This post is primarily for those of you who don’t have access to the Padres on TV. But it’s also for those who may need a small diversion. Like perhaps . . . all Padres fans?

Last week I wrote of my quest to dump Time Warner Cable and bring AT&T’s U-verse to the AJM household. I shared a few of the crucial steps to consider when switching cable providers and then eagerly waited until Friday when the U-verse technician was scheduled to show up at my home. Eagerly waited. And waited. What to do, what to do?

Step 4: Live-Tweet The Installation!

While I waited I decided to turn the cable installation into an interactive event so I started with the obvious: Proposition Bets.

When live-tweeting, begin by stating your intentions and then tag someone who possesses a local influence (Matthew T. Hall from the U-T). And then co-opt that mover and shaker’s message:

Once your intentions have been stated integrate a larger audience:

Guessing someone’s name is a great proposition bet, but you’re free to explore your creative side  . . .

Oh, wow. What a great tweet by David of the Vocal Minority. The Vocal Minority’s tweet then began to involve other media members . . .

Who are two media members who’ve never been in my living room? Jay Posner (U-T) and Ben Higgins (Xtra-Sports 1360 and ABC News) can’t hurt the cause to further publicize the action in my living room . . .

Alright this is fun but I’m concerned with the blatant sexism. No guesses for a female technician?

There ya go, Nate! Nice work.

Knew I could count on you Geoff. And I see what you did there, you clever bastard.

And as time slowly passed waiting for AT&T to arrive, Padres Public contributor, David Israel, submitted the following:

John? How perfect. On Good Friday, it never hurts to go to the Old Testament for inspiration. And almost on cue, Fox’s Megan Olivi tweeted the following:

So let it be written. So let it be done . . .


Bless you, Ken. And John.

This charade went back and forth for the next 45 minutes or so and I learned the following . . .

Ken and I talked about the Chargers and Quentin Jammer’s San Pasqual Academy and it was all good fun until finally . . .

Click the link in the tweet to see my TV displaying Fox Sports San Diego.

Wow what a good feeling. The ability to watch Padres baseball. Special.

The live-tweet session culminated with these:

Does this mean anything, that two media members mentioned the tweet session? I suspect the answer is, not really. When someone wants to bring attention to a cause they can write letters or organize boycotts. I, on the other hand, voiced my dissatisfaction with Time Warner Cable by live-tweeting my conversion to AT&T’s U-verse. At least they know how I feel. And at least I have a better product.

Step 5: We’re not finished! Call Time Warner Cable!

I’m sure that I’ve worn down your will to live but there’s a couple more items of import and I’ll do my best to be brief. You must now call Time Warner Cable to disconnect your service. Call the following:

1-888-TWCABLE or  1-888-892-2253

I happened to speak to a great gal named, Jenise. Jenise asked why I was disconnecting the service and I told her that I went with AT&T because I need to watch the Padres. Jenise just laughed. I’m serious, she laughed. I asked why she was laughing at me, as Mrs AJM looked on with concern. As it turns out Jenise wasn’t laughing at the Padres just at the desire of men to see their sports. I then laughed too. It was all very cordial.

Jenise told me that it would be two weeks before Time Warner would send out a technician to cut the cable. Hey, that’s what happens when you hatch plans at the last moment. But here’s the good news: you can still avoid paying additional monies to Time Warner as long as you do the following . . .

Step 6: Go to Time Warner Cable and return your hardware.

Gather your DVR, remote control, modem, and cables and get yourself to the nearest Time Warner Cable center. There are 5 locations (with a map provided) but I recommend going to the center on Ware court off Miramar Road. This center is open on Saturdays whereas the one in PQ is not. This was important for me because after getting AT&T hooked up on Friday, I fell under the spell of FSN-SD for the next 12 hours, and had no choice but to return the equipment on Saturday.

But there’s another reason to go to Miramar. Once you are completely free of Time Warner’s dominion you must celebrate. Get your self to the AleSmith Brewing Company, right down the street from Time Warner, and celebrate your new-found liberty.

Picture 3

The baseball season is a long one. Let’s enjoy it.

Read Part One here.

I contribute to Padres Public on Thursday mornings and when I’m feeling particularly inspired. I can also be found on twitter at @AvengingJM where I offer proposition bets for the weary 7 days a week.

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  • VM David

    Alesmith is NEVER a hassle.

  • And if, for some reason, Alesmith is closed, Hess Brewing is just one block west.

  • SDPads1

    This 2 part series make me want the hassle of switching providers. It sounds like fun!