Indoctrination 101: Poetry and Abstract Thought

There are certain areas of life where beliefs must be arrived upon using one’s own freewill. Padres baseball is not one of those areas.

A few weeks ago, as a long school year approached it’s conclusion, small children put the finishing touches on a year of growth. I regularly see the amazing strides my daughter has made with reading and writing (she’s 6) so I couldn’t help but take notice when Gavin (@CT2SD) shared his daughter’s growth through this poem . . .

Amazing! How cool that she chose a baseball without any prompting. And what an awesome way to stimulate abstract thought!

After I saw this poem I took it to my daughter, read it, and asked if she wanted to write one too. She said yes, so we began to brainstorm and ultimately settled on taking the point of view of Tony Gwynn‘s statue in the Park at the Park.

Using this picture as inspiration she got to work:

Gwynn Statue

POV Poem: Tony Gwynn’s Statue

I was a great baseball player

I was famous and made everyone cry

I am made of metal

I see people walk and run around all the time

I love baseball

I love you

I think Tony Gwynn does love us and that’s a good feeling. Encouraging higher order thinking through Tony Gwynn and the Padres: It’s a win/win, parents.

Thanks for the inspiration, Gavin.

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