Indoctrination 101: Naming Rights

There are certain areas of life where beliefs must be arrived upon using one’s own freewill. Padres baseball is not one of those areas.

During the middle of last week I was notified by my wife and daughters that we would be buying two fish this summer as pets. I smiled with faux enthusiasm. The last fish we brought into our home came from a creek in Poway. We thought it was a tadpole but it was just a very tiny fish. We named him Ted, placed him in a small fish bowl and managed to keep him alive for a substantial period of time. Nothing lasts forever though and now it’s time for new fish.

My wife, sensing a lack of enthusiasm, wisely sought buy-in. She said, “Guess what the girls are naming them?”

“I have no idea. What?”

She prompted the girls and in unison they answered, “Tony and Gwynn!”

I perked up a bit. “Really?”

I thought about this for a moment. All of these goofy things I do to gently push my daughters towards baseball are beginning to embed themselves into their fiber.

The Mrs. then told me that the girls didn’t come up with the idea on their own but instead required the power of suggestion.

Now you might be thinking that this news deflated me ever so slightly but you would be mistaken. To ingrain ideas in children is a long process and not something that just magically happens. My wife’s admission, if nothing else, inspired me. This little snapshot of our lives before the start of summer showed me that my wife also realizes the importance of creating little Padres fans.

So at some time in the next few weeks we’ll be adding an undetermined species of fish to our family which we will proudly name Tony and Gwynn.

I also foresee, in a not so distant future, a time when we will add a dog to our lives. When that day is upon us I will lobby for the dog to be called Vander Wal, and with the explicit support of my wife, the naming rights will serve as an eternal teaching tool about the ’98 Padres team.

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