In Defense of Mike Dee

You may or may not have noticed the absurd amount of content from multiple Padres blogs calling for the firing of team president Mike Dee. If not then take a few moments to read them over here. Go on, I’ll wait. Still not done? Jesus, man. Fine, Mike Dee is trash and should be fired, is the basic gist.

All this criticism has got me asking one thing: what’s wrong with you monsters? Do you have any idea what Mike “Failed Miami Dolphins President” Dee has done for this organization?  Of course you haven’t, you heathens. What other team president can say they were so desperate to land an All-Star game that they gave the then-commissioner of baseball his own personal plaza at your state-of-the-art baseball stadium? Never mind the fact that for years said commissioner allowed your franchise to be run by frauds, cheapskates, and clueless adult children prone to go off on temper tantrums on the team’s flagship radio station.

What other team president can you name that panders so hard to the military, you would think the team was being run by some Michael Bay/Donald Rumsfeld hybrid? Did you know that Dee secured not one, but TWO Military Appreciation Days during all-star week festivities? I didn’t, I only recently found out, and it made me want to kiss Dee’s nonexistent ring.

If Dee has one flaw, it’s that he has little to no experience when it comes to baseball operations. But with his football background and reputation as a serial failure, I’m willing to give him a pass. After all, it’s very likely his baseball expertise led directly to the Matt Kemp trade, the one that sent a promising young catcher to a division rival for a washed up all-star with declining health and outfield defense that’s harder to watch than a Zack Snyder movie.

Nobody loves to make a splash like Mike Dee, who failed miserably trying to get a stadium built for the Dolphins. This is a man who isn’t afraid to take risks, and he certainly didn’t shy away from a chance at two minutes on ESPN when he drafted Johnny Manziel in the 28th-round of the 2014 draft. Drafting Manziel, who has since been cut from the Cleveland Browns, been arrested and charged for beating up his girlfriend, and generally been a piece of shit, was a fantastic PR grab for an organization that desperately needed to be embarrassed again on a national level.

You know, confidence is underrated. Personally speaking I love when Mike Dee irrationally boasted just before the season about how good the Padres were going to be, despite the overwhelming amount of evidence to the contrary. Projection systems and baseball experts all predicted the Padres would finish last or next-to-last in the NL West. But that didn’t deter Dee from proclaiming that this team could compete. His reasoning was totally rational: we’ve got a new manager (duh), awesome rotation that never under-performs or gets injured, at least three Famers in the everyday lineup, and Bud Black is gone (RIP).

You can all burn in hell with your Mike Dee critiques. I’ll always have his back.

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