I Wish I Was Still Drinking: Chase Headley Edition

It is Monday. After three days in the desert I question my drink tool, a once prominent part of my arsenal. Tired, I begin to doubt if there’s a spot left for me in this young man’s game.

News surfaces that Chase Headley broke the tip of his thumb in Sunday’s game against the Angels. The third baseman will likely miss the first month of the season. I turn to Colin Hay for answers:

I wish I was still drinking whiskey, wine and beer
The sound of glasses clinking, so sweet to my ear
I wouldn’t have to listen to the time that’s running out
I’d use it much more wisely, I’d drink and fall about

I refuse to play the victim role that Padres fans have grown accustomed to lately. Victimhood does not become us. I’m better than that. You’re better than that.

Now let’s start drinking again.

And thus it began . . .

This spring is not unlike spreading Nutella across the pliable surface of fresh bread. For those who aren’t in charge of making lunches for small children, I’m saying that it’s f*cking ridiculous. In a bad way.

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