Dear Padres, Here’s how fans felt about your infomercial

Tonight’s game should have been about the low scoring Padres trying to put it all together on a Monday night against the young fire-baller Yordano Ventura.

It could have been about Yasmani Grandal engaging in an epic battle with Ventura and then tagging him for a game-tying 3-run HR. There’s still a chance for this contest to be about that – it is not yet over*. But with the Padres now behind 4-3 to the Royals in the 9th, there’s a chance it could be about something else** entirely when the final pitch is thrown.

* It’s over the Padres won!

** Will Venable, down 0-2 to Tim Collins, drills the game winner. Walk-off! Powerade baths! Man baseball is fun.

When this game ends however, it just feels like it will likely be remembered as the game where Dick Enberg and Mark Grant did their broadcast from behind the Royals’ on-deck circle and tried to sell tickets to luxury boxes, luxury suites, gourmet food, and anything that wasn’t nailed down.

Here’s what fans thought about the effort . . .

With the Padres facing an amazing young pitcher like Yordano Ventura I arrived to my couch with a genuine excitement last night. But instead of marveling at what that kid could do with a baseball (and what it took from Padres batters to beat him) I found myself distracted by the whole presentation cobbled together by FSSD and the Padres.

It is 2014 and we are  living through a Golden Age, something I like to call… the Age of the DVR. In the Age of the DVR I rarely watch commercials. I don’t watch them because I don’t like someone telling me what I should buy. Sports are the one area of programming where commercials must be tolerated because they occur during events that should be viewed in real time to be appreciated. So I tolerate these commercials because I must. But when the game returns I expect advertising to be limited to billboards and signage found inside the park and the occasional mention of sponsors by the FSSD broadcast team. When that game is on my television I want to enjoy the experience in an unobtrusive way. An unobtrusive way . . . and last thing was anything but unobtrusive.

FSSD and the Padres erred last night. As astutely pointed out by the commenters of this post, the Padres wanted to share some of the cool things they’ve done to the park during the 10 year anniversary of Petco Park so I understand the desire to showcase these fresh additions. But I would suggest finding another forum to push new features and services. Try using the Padres Social Hour or Padres POV to do an expanded program showcasing some of these new features, limiting Mark Grant’s and Dick Enberg’s involvement to simply telling viewers what time the show will be airing. To do otherwise, during a season when the Padres have struggled mightily at the plate, is insulting. When the team is really bad, shit like this just doesn’t fly.

Would it ever fly?

[UPDATED: Tuesday – 11:30 AM]


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