Chase Headley is the Problem

There’s no denying it anymore. I’ve tried for so long, living in denial. I’ve tried convincing myself that Chase Headley was a very good player. I was lost in the fantasy of wanting him to become someone he never had the talent of being. Alas, the first 19 games of the season have finally convinced me that the Headley naysayers are right.

Chase Headley is the problem. He’s been the problem ever since he arrived in San Diego. Yes, he alone is responsible for the many, many years of mediocrity us fans have had to endure. Not cheap ownerships who decided to profit instead of spending and keeping their players. Not incompetent front offices whose draft picks have been worse than the Dexter series finale. Chase Headley’s to blame for the continued acquisition of injury prone players. Can you really blame a fan base for hating a player who’s caused so much damage? I think not.

When half of San Diego couldn’t watch the Padres for two years, it wasn’t because Tom Garfinkel was fucking terrible at his job, it was because Chase Headley was doing Chase Headley things, whatever those may be. Where was Chase Headley when Ron Fowler et al let Jeff Moorad walk away with $200 million from the Fox Sports San Diego tv deal? Exactly. What about when Cory Luebke, Casey Kelly and Joe Wieland needed Tommy John surgery? Don’t tell he couldn’t have done anything. He was just standing there, like an asshole, being Chase Headley.

The Padres have never won a World Series, or even had a no-hitter in their history. When is Headley gonna man-up and get on the mound? It’s no surprise Bud has no confidence giving him the ball every fifth day. I find it hard to believe the Padres chose Headley over Kevin Kouzmanoff, James Darnell, Logan Forsythe, and Cody Ransom (THE Cody Ransom).

Chase Headley is the worst, and he shouldn’t be paid $15 million a year. He should play for free. In fact, he should be paying the Padres for having to put up with his shit. If Chase Headley can’t handle fair, honest criticism then there’s no hope for him. Chase Headley is the problem. You heard it here first.


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  • Lonnie Brownell

    #BelowAverage. You said it.

    • BERNIE


  • i don’t kno if to laugh for your post or to cry.

  • John Virissimo

    This is getting so old. It has never been Chase Headley’s fault. He’s clearly not a middle of lineup hitter but a very good defensive 3rd baseman. This is all on Bud Black’s shoulder for putting him in a spot that he can’t handle. The ball rarely jumps off his bat, and his big hits are usually thru the infield but down the line. His big swing guarantees plenty of k’s but lack of power minimizes production. He is who he is , a non all-star better than average player worth 10 million year. Stop drinking the Chase Headley Kool aid. I’ve been on this since 2011.

    • Bryan Clark

      LOL Ouch…..

    • VM David

      “This is getting so old.”

      You’ve got that right.

      • John Virissimo

        The sooner that PP and Bud Black get over the fact that the Golden Boy is no all-star or leader of a team the better us fans and Padres team will be. Debate, there’s no debate. Move on. #Belowaverage #slightlyaboveaverage

    • GoldenBoy

      You might want to check your irony detector.

  • Tommy Wright

    Long-time PPublic reader, first time poster. While I agree the Headley bashing can be over the top, I think it’s also time those of us who have championed him based on WAR and his offensive upside come to the realization that the 2nd half of 2012 was a fluke. He is what he is, an above average defensive 3B who is going to be roughly .775 OPS with counting stats around .275, 12-15, and 60-75. Certainly a good player, but not a superstar, not worth 6/$100M, and ideally not hitting 3rd, 4th, or 5th in our lineup.

  • Chase Headley’s greatest trick was convincing San Diego that he was the best 3B in the National League.