Bud Black keeps fans on the edge of their seats, scratching their heads, muttering words

I was fully prepared to write about Mark Kotsay batting third and then the home stand started and ruined everything.

The last two games have featured some odd moves by manager Bud Black: Far more strange than batting Kotsay in the three hole when Chase Headley is injured and Carlos Quentin is ailing. In fact, Bud Black’s decision to bat Kotsay third appears downright normal at this point. So I regret to inform the readers of Padres Public that deep exploration of Mark Kotsay’s batting order splits will have to wait for a rainy day. Or the next time Yonder Alonso plays second base in a MLB game.

In the meantime, feel free to participate in a poll . . .

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For those of you who are confused by the poll choices here are the game recaps from Tuesday and Wednesday’s games. Go read them. Vote. Get crazy in the comment section.

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  • This is what happens when you hit Alexi Amarista sixth.

  • Ben

    That’s implying that Bud Black’s over-managing actually helps the team. If that was the case, other teams would constantly be juggling their line-ups and keeping the players from being able to get in rhythms at the plate. Players need to know what their position is and what position in the order they bat, since Bud Black never was a batter he doesn’t understand that they need that consistency and that knowledge. It makes me sad watching the Padres go through 11 position players and 6 pitchers when the starting pitcher goes 7 innings. It hasn’t produced for the team and hopefully management sees that this year and gets rid of him, cause after all these years he’s definitely not going to change. He hated Rizzo, he’s killed the confidence of Maybin, the only players who love him are the players who wouldn’t get ABs on other teams but somehow find it into Bud Black’s starting roster.

  • You forgot moving Alonso BACK to 2nd in the 9th.

  • Axion

    that’s a smokin’ poll

  • Bud Black is an artist! Misunderstood in his time but one day, when all 2B are lumbering, slow, rangeless converted 1B, you’ll see. You’ll all see! (manic laughter insert here)

  • GoldenBoy

    Strangely enough, I thought Bud’s moves made sense. You could make a joke about last night, asking why he didn’t pinch hit Stults for Stults. What I didn’t understand was Mattingly intentionally walking Venable to get to Quentin on Tues. That move makes no sense to me. Lucky for him Q was hit by the pitch.

    • Well he got a righty/righty match-up when he walked Venable plus an additional bag to get a force play with a slow-footed Alonso coming to the plate.

      • GoldenBoy

        There was 2 outs. Is a manager really thinking about a force play with 2 outs and a slow runner (Kotsay) on 2nd? The righty/righty match-up makes no sense when it’s Venable vs. Quentin. That’s a no brainer. Pitch to Venable. Belisario’s breaking stuff probably would have taken care of business there.

      • Kotsay was on third. It’s a 1 run game. Venable can actually hit RHP. Quentin can’t run. I don’t have a problem with a manager giving his defense options in a place that’s tough to score runs.

      • GoldenBoy

        It makes sense to me now.