Angry at the Line-up: Felix Hernandez Edition

The Padres are a few short hours away from playing their final game of 2013 with the Seattle Mariners. Since it became probable last week that today’s game would feature Andrew Cashner versus “King” Felix Hernandez fans have trying to figure out a way to ditch work and get to the park. Good luck with that.

Since we all know of Felix Hernandez based on his reputation (bad-ass RHP) what can we expect from Bud Black’s line-up today?

Thank you for raising your hand and yes you are correct – Bud Black will likely overload his line-up with left-handed hitters. But is this the wise play?

For his career Felix Hernandez’ numbers platoon splits break down as follows:

LHB .251/.316/.380

RHB .235/.285/.330

Like I said – Felix is a bad-ass. Do the numbers warrant a typical Bud Black stacked-lefty-line-up in which we see a lot of Will Venable and Alexi Amarista and no Kyle Blanks and Chris Denorfia? Discuss amongst yourselves.

The King’s splits during the 2013 season are fairly similar with LHB enjoying 40-50 cushions in each category (AVG/OBP/SLG). But 2013 is such a small sample. What about 2012 across a full season?

For the 2012 season Felix Hernandez’ platoon splits break down as follows:

LHB .231/.290/.318

RHB .248/.299/.344

The 2012 numbers are far more indicative of who Felix Hernandez is as a pitcher in this stage of his career than his overall career numbers would suggest and looking at those numbers it’s clear that there isn’t much of a difference between Felix facing LHB or RHB.

Do we have to see an all lefty line-up today? Meh. Probably not. Will Bud Black give it to us?

What about Padres hitters in their career against Felix Hernandez?

Mark Kotsay’s hitting .304 in 25 PAs. I bet he gets in the line-up.

Will Venable’s hitting .211 in 19 PAs (0 walks). I bet he gets in the line-up.

Chris Denorfia is hitting .500 in 6 ABs. Hmmm.

There, I’m angry. Now let’s go find that lineup.


Here’s your line-up:

No Kotsay but a yes to Venable. And a no to Denorfia.

Nick Hundley is also starting. He’s hitting a robust .182 against Felix Hernandez during his career. Yasmani Grandal has yet to face Felix.

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